Cross Laundry Off Your To-Do List!

By March 11, 2020Inside Rhody, service

Can you not stand doing your laundry anymore? Could you or someone you know use a break from the never-ending wash, dry, fold cycle? You’re in luck! Tumbletown 2 is a laundromat that takes care of all your laundry needs. Located on 1705 Main Street in West Warwick, Tumbletown 2 has its very own pickup/drop-off service. The service picks up your dirty laundry from your home on Tuesdays and returns it fresh and clean on Wednesdays.

With Tumbletown 2, your wardrobe is in good hands. They take any kind of clothing that you need serviced, from your favorite pair of jeans to that shirt that needs a good wash. Don’t forget to throw in your towels and sheets too! Their laundry experts will separate your colors, treat the toughest stains, and never shrink your clothes.

Tumbletown 2’s laundry pickup / drop-off service is available throughout all of Rhode Island. Do yourself a favor and call (401) 615-1351 to schedule your first pickup!

If you prefer to do your own wash, visit the Tumbletown 2 laundromat and take their 100 lb washer for a spin. While you are there, be sure to take advantage of some of their other offers:

Tumbletown 2 exists to make laundry a better experience, not a dreadful chore! Open seven days a week, you can go in for a wash & dry from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. or call to schedule your pickup. Tumbledown 2 is the place to be for all your laundry needs!