Murphy’s Pub

By March 11, 2020Inside Rhody, RetroBlast

Murphy’s Pub was established in 1929 being the oldest running pub in Providence. It is known for it’s heaping sandwiches, hearty dinners, modest prices and greatest service. No wonder they have been in business for so long! Joseph Murphy opened Murphy’s Lunch in the Industrial National Building right before the Great Depression.

Things slowed down due to the economic decline, but things started to pick back up when Joseph partnered with a Jewish immigrant who introduced New York style deli sandwiches and half-sour pickles to the menu in the 1950’s. They then changed it to Murphy’s Delicatessen. Years later, they were lucky to expand into the space next door to them and brought the deli and bar concept together.

By the time the 1970’s came around, they expanded even more into the barber shop to the right of them, making more and more seating. One of the employees who worked at the deli for years took ownership in the 1990’s and due to the fact the restaurant kept growing and growing, they moved locations into the Cosmopolitan Building in Providence. Now the restaurant incorporates 100% from scratch menu and locally sourced meats while still focusing on gourmet comfort food.  This is a blast from the past and you must give it a try!  They are located at 100 Fountain St, Providence, RI. To view additional Retro Blast articles visit our website,