You can finally sleep easy knowing your company is protected!

Without an extensive security strategy, businesses often leave themselves open to countless risks. A large percentage of companies that are attacked are small businesses. Why is this the case? Because small businesses are generally under-protected and can’t afford the same level of security as large corporations.

Logicomm, Inc is based out of Providence, Rhode Island and offers a variety of services ranging from backup & disaster recovery to end-user support and everything in between. They are the backbone to many businesses throughout New England, and the best part? They are affordable for small businesses like yours!

The team at Logicomm, Inc has offered some expert advise and helpful tips to help keep your business safe and secure. Always assume you are open to attack and be prepared for the inevitable!

Here are a few tips that could save your business today:

  1. Use multiple-authentication methods
  2. Enable HTTPs on your website
  3. Use STRONG passwords
  4. Backup your data into a cloud
  5. Keep your software updated at ALL times
  6. Secure your wifi network

Logicomm, Inc can help you protect your business from malicious cyber activity. They can also provide several proactive security services, as well as find and repair weak spots in your company’s IT infrastructure.

If you are looking to get the most out of your technology investment, give Logicomm, Inc a call today at 401-369-8730!


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