Spring Septic Cleanup!

When we think of Spring cleaning we picture finally opening up the windows and dusting off those shelves, maybe even putting away that winter wardrobe. But, not many people realize the importance of cleaning out your septic system too!

In order to keep your system running properly, you should have it pumped every 2-3 years. If you have a large family or many guests in your home, you may want to increase that frequency. Book your next pumping with Rhode Island’s best septic company- Ronnie’s Professional Services!

Here are some important tips to keep your system safe between pumpings:

  • Do NOT flush large amounts of toilet paper down at once
  • Do NOT flush wipes (even if they say “flushable!”)
  • Do NOT dispose of food or cooking grease in the toilet
  • Do NOT flush feminine products
  • Limit the amount of water your household uses
  • Never park over your drain-field

Ronnies Professional Services is always available to service near you! Call (401) 294-9487 or visit pumpitourti.com to schedule your pumping or any other septic repairs today!