Spruce Up Your Yard for the Warmer Weather!

As the outside finally begins to turn green and beautiful after a long, hard winter, it is more important than ever to pay attention to cleaning up your lawn and landscape. Doing your spring yard preparation now will go a long way towards ensuring that you have a beautiful lawn for summertime!


This is the first place you should start your spring cleanup. If heavy traffic and your pets have ruined your lawn, sprinkle soil over the area with a combination of grass seed and fertilizer. Make sure to keep the dirt moist until you see grass start to sprout.

Clean up any debris that is laying around your yard. Remove sticks that have fallen over the winter and rake up leaves and thatch build-up so your grass can breathe again. Remember not to rake into wet grounds, it could tear apart the grass!

Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials

Give all of your plants the ability to grow by clipping away any dead or dying branches. While you’re at it, trim back any branches that are invading your walkways. Not only will this make your yard more inviting, but it will also allow more sun and air to reach the trees and shrubs!

Garden Beds

There is no better time than now to add some color to your landscape. Remember that your flowers need room to grow, so clear your garden beds of any leaves, dead foliage, and invasive weeds before the warmer months arrive. Once you fix up the old flowers and plant some new ones, edge the beds and add a fresh batch of mulch… it makes all the difference.

Patio and Walkways

Before you take advantage of your beautiful outdoor space, it’s important to make sure it is ready for your first party. If your patio and walkways don’t look their best, pressure wash the mildew and grime away and then replace any broken pavers or stones.

Now your yard is officially ready to meet the warmer weather!


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