Are your Recreational “Toys” Insured and Ready for Summer?

Maybe it’s the motorcycle that has been sitting silent all winter long, the RV that has been in storage, or the new boat you just purchased and can’t wait to get in the water. Whatever it is, there is no better time than now to get your favorite recreational “toys” fully insured. As you are aware, accidents happen all the time, and the team at The Lawrence Agency will help you get the right coverage so you can enjoy your summer without worry.

With the warm weather fast approaching, it is time to get your recreational toys tuned up and ready for summer fun. Making sure you have the right insurance coverage for your recreational vehicles is key to protecting yourself and the toys you work hard for. You want to be sure that not only the vehicle is fully protected, but you and anyone else inside the vehicle are covered as well! Accidents can be very disruptive and costly, and having insurance coverage can help reduce or eliminate your financial burden should an unexpected accident occur.

The Lawrence Agency was established in 2008 and is located in Lincoln, RI. They are a Veteran owned and operated insurance agency that believes in the American dream. They live up to that expectation every single day and they are proud to provide products and services that help facilitate and preserve the same dream for families throughout Rhode Island. The team is fully committed to operating with honesty and integrity. They strive to deliver exceptional products and services for individuals, families, and businesses throughout the Ocean State. They will help you find the right insurance coverage to keep you and your family safe at all times.

Before the season gets in full swing, take the worry out of your recreational toys and put your mind at ease with a personalized insurance plan. Give the experts at The Lawrence Agency a call today at 401-726-3210 or visit their website at


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