If Willy Wonka made popcorn, it would be at Inpopnito.

Newport by the Sea, Rum Runner, Blue Cheese on the Side, Pistachio, Chocolate-covered Strawberries, and almost 100 more flavors of handcrafted popcorn are all made locally by Inpopnito, Popcorn in Disguise, New England’s largest producer of handmade popcorn. With the tag line “Taste the Difference”, Inpopnito knows they have a product that stands out and their customers from across the United States know it, too.

Inpopnito handcrafts small batches of extraordinarily delectable gourmet popcorn at their Fall River, MA “Popcility”. The company pops its high-end non-GMO seed in coconut oil before disguising it with their creative and scrumptious concoctions including unique caramel, cheese, savory, sweet, and hot & spicy varieties. While they craft no one batch larger than 50 bags, they can create one million bags per year. If Willy Wonka switched to popcorn, Inpopnito would be his home!

While a large part of Inpopnito’s business is direct to consumer retail sales at their shop on Thames Street in Newport, their Fall River Popcility, during the holidays at their Warwick Mall store, and online at www.inpopnito.com, much of their business comes from corporate gifts and branding.

Inpopnito offers gift boxes, baskets, and tins in various sizes, all with the availability of custom labels and personalized cards. Inpopnito’s list of clients is extensive including boutique hotels, major regional theaters, financial firms, insurance agencies, art galleries, large software companies, and major event venues. The Inpopnito product is a gift that definitely stands out.

Inpopnito was established in June of 2013 by Hal Miller and Pam Remy. While a love of popcorn wasn’t the initial draw to the business, the diverse opportunities to market a great product was. “With retail, wholesale, corporate, e-commerce, and other marketing and sales opportunities available on so many levels, just staying on focus is always a challenge,” said Miller. “I am a hands-on guy and we have an exceptional, but small staff, so I am part of everything that the team is working on,” said Miller. “Our clients and customers have a direct phone number to me. If they have a question, they get an answer from ‘the Kernel’.”

Inpopnito isn’t resting on their laurels. They are constantly working on new flavors, new marketing ideas, and looking for new opportunities to grow. If you are ready to “Taste the Difference,” visit Inpopnito this holiday season at the Warwick Mall or buy online at www.inpopnito.com.

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