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Staying healthy is more than just making it to the gym and eating healthy, it’s a shift to a better mindset and good habits! Donna Savage, of Empower Fitness, has 5 tips to get you started. Pick just one to start this week and you are already on your way to becoming the best version of you!

1.) Make the most of your time

Waiting for the water to boil or the oven to preheat? Squeeze in a few exercises! Use water bottles or soup cans for easy and convenient weights when you have a quick break. Small habits like this will turn into permanent changes that will help you reach a healthy lifestyle.

2.) Stay hydrated

The key to having glowing skin, more energy, a better mood, and even weight loss is making sure you are drinking enough water. If you are having trouble staying hydrated, try carrying a water bottle around with you all day, drinking one glass before each meal, or infusing it with fruits! Shoot for half of your body weight in ounces daily.

3.) Have a positive mindset

How you think is how you act and positive thoughts translate into success. Start your day off with positive affirmations, focus on the good rather than the bad, live in the moments, and surround yourself with people who lift you up. These simple changes will help you to have a better mindset and live a healthier and happier life!

4.) Listen to your body

If you are overworked and sore, don’t push it! This could lead to further injury or harm to your muscles. Staying consistent is great but it is important to listen to your body and take a rest if needed, you deserve it!

5.) Be sure to catch those ZZZs

Sleep is the time for your body to rest and recover and not getting enough is harmful to your overall health. The average adult needs about 7-9 hours per night in order to feel awake and alert the next day. Make sure to have a comfortable and quiet space to ensure you can get your best sleep.

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