COVID-19 Era Home Trends for 2021

COVID-19 has changed many things, including what homebuyers are looking for. With these upgrades, you are sure to catch the buyers eye’s and make a good impression. Check out the top trends for homebuyers in 2021 from Williams & Stuart Real Estate.

1.) Upgrade your home office

Since many people have been working remotely, a functional home office has become essential in 2021. A quiet place for you to work and for the kids to do virtual learning requires good lighting, a strong internet connection, and space to do meetings. A blank wall or neutral background can make all the difference when on video calls.

2.) Make room for a workout

Due to the closures of many gyms, studious, and fitness centers, many people have been doing their workouts from home. Virtual fitness sessions and YouTube workouts have become increasingly popular, so ensuring that your home is equipped with the right spaces and sound system is essential for the home workout fanatic.

3.) Prioritize your outdoor space

The outdoors can be an escape for some and having a developed outdoor area will make all the difference to a homebuyer. Fire pits, swimming pools, cooking areas, and comfortable furniture will immediately draw positive attention. The pandemic has made outdoor events and gatherings more popular, so make sure you are prepared.

4.) Ensure sanitation within your spaces

Cleanliness has become essential in the COVID-19 Era and homebuyers want to feel safe and comfortable in the home they are purchasing. Important products to utilize are air purifiers, indoor air quality monitoring, and new filtrating systems for the air and the water. The cleaner the home is kept, the better!

5.) Increase your storage

With restaurants being closed and more people staying at home, more cooking will be done and there will be a greater need for food storage. Having extra space in the fridge or pantry will be vital when trying to feed extra mouths and when stocking up on extra supplies.

6.) Housing multiple generations

Homes with extra spaces are becoming more popular as families allow parents and in-laws to move in with them. Accommodations for older relatives need to be implemented and having an extra part of the house for them to live in or distance is a plus.

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