With all this time we are spending inside, are you looking
to fresh up your home this upcoming spring? We’ve got you covered! After almost a year of quarantine, we understand that your home might need some T.L.C. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity for you to start afresh and keep your family healthy. Here are some
helpful tips on how you can make your spring cleaning a
stress-free experience and tackle this dreadful
chore head-on:

Gather all of your preferred supplies
— Vacuum, mop, steamer, cleaners, trash bags, paper towels, Clorox wipes
Declutter before you start
— Tidy up your home before you start your cleaning
— Donate unwanted clothes, shred old mail or paperwork, get rid of toys
Clean all your towels and linens
— Strip the beds and collect all blankets, towels, and linens
Wash all of your dirty laundries
-Pick up any dirty clothes laying around
Clean from top to bottom
— Start by cleaning the fans, light fixtures, and blinds
— Then clean floors and carpets
Clean all surfaces that your family touches
-Clorox any doorknobs, handrails, tables, and countertops
-Wipe down tv remotes, car keys
Do a deep clean of the bathrooms
— Clean toilet, tile, shower, vanity, and mirrors
— Finish by mopping the floor
Do a deep clean of the kitchen
— Throw away unwanted or stale food
— Clean inside and outside cabinets
— Clean the oven, fridge, stovetop, backsplash
— Finish by mopping the floor
-Organize any shelves, bookcases, and closets
-Put away any random stuff you have laying around
Final touches
— Use a Magic Eraser to remove scuff marks on baseboards
— Wipe down windows and window sills
— Change air filters

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