Spring Tips For Your Favorite Four-Legged Friends

Spring is finally here! As the weather gets warmer and you spend more time outside with your pet it is important to check out these tips for their health and safety!

Be careful with flowers

    1. Some flowers are toxic for dogs. Some common plants that are toxic for dogs are azaleas, daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, Lillie’s oleander, and foxglove.
  1. Pets get allergies too
    1. Sometimes seasonal plants can cause allergies. If you notice irritation call your vet!
  2. Protect your pets from fleas and ticks
    1. Consult your vet for proper treatments to repel fleas and ticks before they bite. It is also recommended that you do a quick tick check after heading back indoors. Keep a lint roller handy to quickly remove unwelcomed guests on your pet’s coat.
  3. Identification
    1. Whenever you are outside make sure your pet is wearing their collar with their ID tags! Make sure to double-check that your information is up to date.
  4. Cleaning products
    1. Most cleaning products are toxic to pets. Make sure to store your cleaning products out of reach and in a safe location!
  5. Grooming
    1. As the weather gets warmer make sure to get your pets groomed to keep them comfortable and looking their best.

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