Rhode Island resident, Mary Tanana is known for her folktastic artistic style and colorful art pieces that are available to be purchased on her website, and her Etsy page. Her artwork is inspired by her love of Henna, folk, and Zentangle art.
Mary uses her art to reflect her Polish and Russian heritage. The types of designs available for purchase are colorful folk style art prints, Polish Wycinanki style papercut art, downloadable coloring pages, tea towels, Monogram initial prints, greeting cards, sticker sheets, as well as personalized items.

Mary attended Syracuse University and graduated with a BFA in Fashion Illustration. She started off in a jewelry business where she created patterns that would be etched into metal. She also had the opportunity to live in Hong Kong where she ran a design department. This was a turning point in Mary’s life, where she grew familiar with the open market and everything it has to offer.

Although she loved learning how to create fine jewelry, she decided to make a life-changing decision a few years ago. She took many courses, immersing herself back into pattern design so that she could pursue a career in surface design. Her unique patterns make her pieces easily recognizable.

Because of her passion for traveling, Mary takes photographs wherever she visits. She uses the various landscapes and architecture captured in her photographs to influence the various patterns of her work, taking a different approach to those basic textures and transforming them into new pieces. She is also a lover of gardening and uses the textures of flowers and petals to inspire her as well. The beauty of nature around her acts as a catalyst for her work, capturing simple everyday objects and transforming them into their most beautiful form.

To view more of her beautiful work, check out her website https://groovitydesigns.com/ as well as her Etsy page https://www.etsy.com/shop/Groovity

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