A Gift to Write Home About!

With summer coming to a close and autumn on the way – Rhodie students and teachers are gearing up for the school season! Even more exciting is the return to in-school learning! For once, both teachers and students are eager to get back to the classroom.

It’s important for students to be prepared to succeed; which means having the right tools. Pen Savings offers a variety of Pens Under $10 – perfect for students who find themselves frequently losing (or destroying) their most important school tool, while also providing reliable quality that’ll last them the whole semester. Affordable refills can even help make those pens last the whole year too.

Let’s not forget about the heart of the classroom – teachers! Even though it’s been a year since a normal class, teachers still have worked hard to be there for their students; honoring their commitment to educating even when though times were tough. What better way to show your appreciation than buying them an item that they will use every day: a high-quality pen! Avoid the search for disposable pens, and purchase something that is effective, and lasts.

If you act fast, the Monteverde Prima Ballpoint Pen is only $29.95, originally priced at $65.00! Don’t miss out on this deal, whether it is for your child’s favorite teacher or even yourself. With their various options of ink bottles, cartridges, or refills, explore the different colors we offer so that you never have to stop using your favorite pen.

Pen Savings wants their customers to have the best writing experience, and with their incredible selection, they can! Check out www.pensavings.com today!

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