Stay Healthy This Winter

By January 17, 2022health, Inside Rhody

With heavy snow comes potential injuries! When you’re out shoveling or snow blowing this winter, it is important to follow protocol to avoid slips, falls, and other harm. To help you out, here are some ways to protect yourself this winter!

Proper Posture

Proper shoveling posture can really help minimize aches, pains, and other more serious issues — especially with back pain! Keep the shovel close to your body, using your legs for pushing the snow instead of throwing it. Throwing it requires heavy lifting, and the goal is to make sure you aren’t over-flexing your spine! To do this, keep your back straight.

Warm Up

Stretching prior to shoveling is important! While shoveling is not a sport, it does require physical endurance. Loosening up your body will help protect you from serious injuries. Even taking an anti-inflammatory before shoveling can help ease any soreness!

Start Early

Choose the best time to begin shoveling. People most commonly shovel after the snow has built up. This can cause the snow to become heavy, and heavy lifting can make you more prone to injury! If you can help it, try to shovel when the snow is at its lightest. This, of course, means you will have to shovel more times during the day, but your body will thank you!

Take care of your body

Keeping your body warm is essential to avoiding injuries. Be sure to bundle up before taking on the cold air. Stay hydrated as well, drinking plenty of water prior to taking your first few steps outside.

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