Kays Restaurant

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Kay’s Restaurant has been one of Woonsocket’s hidden gems since it was first established in 1968. They started from humble beginnings, having just three sandwiches on the menu: steak, roast beef, and ham with a Lent offering of tuna. The restaurant has grown as time has passed, expanding its menu to 10 sandwiches that display on a unique cocktail napkin. This is largely thanks to their dedicated staff that has created a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Over 20 years ago, Roger “Kay” Caron, the original owner, sold the restaurant to Dave Lahousse, knowing he would take great care of the establishment for years to come. Since Dave became the owner, the standard menu has remained, with the addition of a special menu. You’re bound to find some unique and delicious specials on rotation all year ‘round!

Kay’s welcomes you in with its large horseshoe bar, spacious dining room, and a new outdoor patio featuring igloos to protect you from the cold! Wherever you decide to take a seat, Kay’s is great for catching up with friends and family.

Ask any Northern Rhode Island native and they will have a fond memory of a trip to Kay’s. If you have not had a chance to visit Kay’s do yourself a favor and grab a steak and cheese from the curbside pickup or enjoy a shrimp cocktail at the bar. You will not be disappointed!

1013 Cass Ave. Woonsocket, RI 02895

Monday – Wednesday:11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Kitchen closed one hour earlier.

Thursday – Saturday:11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Kitchen closed one hour earlier.

Sunday:12:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Retro Blast: The Rustic Tri View Drive In

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1195 Eddie Dowling Highway Route 146 South
North Smithfield, RI 02896
(401) 769-7601

The original Rustic Drive-In was built in 1951 during the “golden age of the automobile”, and became the hot spot for weekend fun! After hitting hard times during the 60s and 70s, Beverly and Clem Desmarais bought the Rustic Drive-In in 1986 and evolved it to a seasonal, family-oriented theater. They installed two additional screens, allowing for an increased capacity of people and a wider variety of movie selections. Their daughter Beth took over the family business, after their passing in 2001, and introduced the bargain of double features to draw in customers.

After twenty-two years of reviving the drive-in experience, the Desmarais family sold the Rustic Drive-In to the Boston Culinary Group. This privately owned food service company not only provided delicious movie snacks, but also fully managed and operated all aspects of the theaters. The Rustic is the last running Drive-In in the state of Rhode Island. The theater opens between the months of late April and late October, showing three double features options!

Grab your popcorn and enjoy a cinematic experience from the comfort of your car!

Olneyville New York System Restaurant

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In the early 1920’s, Nicholas Stevens and his father Anthony came to the United States from Greece and settled in Brooklyn, NY. Brooklyn is where they operated a very popular candy shop. By the 1930’s, Nicholas and his family moved to Rhode Island and opened a small restaurant where they had a very limited menu, including hot weiners. Their business took off and they moved to a bigger space in 1953 at 20 Plainfield Street, which is the same location as today.

In 1981, this family run business was doing so well, that they decided to open a second location, which is 1012 Reservoir Ave in Cranston.

A hot wiener is closely associated with New York’s Coney Island. Although wieners served by New York Systems today have little resemblance to the traditional Coney Island hot dog, restaurant owners continue to use the name as a way to advertise this popular local cuisine. The traditional wiener is made with a small, thin hot dog made of beef, veal and pork, served in a steamed bun and topped with celery salt, mustard, onions and seasoned meat sauce. This isn’t just your typical hot dog, these are mouthwatering and so incredibly delicious!

You can have a hot wiener “all the way” for just $2.49! What does that exactly mean? It means you want it with all the toppings available. We recommend you get them all! You can add a coffee milk from Munroe Dairy and cheese fries and you will have yourself a full meal for very cheap.

The best part about Olneyville New York System is it is open all the time! Whether you want lunch, or a late-night 2 am snack, they are open and ready to serve you with smiles on their faces. They are open Sunday-Thursday 11 AM – 2 AM and Friday-Saturday 11 AM – 3 AM

There is no place like Olneyville New York System! Visit their website at

Flying Horse Carousel, Watch Hill, RI

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When you first arrive to the beaches down in Watch Hill, the blue water and gorgeous scenery blow you away. You will realize that the area is more than just a beach town, it is a town filled with so much history and beauty.

The Flying Horse Carousel is a venue located down near the beach which attracts a crowd every day during the summer months. Back in 1883, a traveling circus came through the area and brought along items that would entertain children. When the show left town, they took everything with them except for the carousel. No one is certain to why the carousel was left behind, but the prevalent theory is that maintaining the carousel was extremely expensive and they were not interested in paying for the repairs any longer.

The Flying Horse Carousel was originally built in 1867 by Andrew Christian and Charles Dare Company, a group based out of NYC. The design is very unique and something you have never seen anywhere else in the country. The horses are suspended on chains, not poles like most versions you see today. Since the horses are on chains, it makes it feel like you are flying when riding it.

This unique piece of history has had its ups and downs. In 1938, a hurricane ripped through the area and the carousel was damaged. Horses were found buried in the sand dunes and pieces had to be replaced. In 1948, the wooden horses were fixed up by a local woman named Harriet Moore to ensure that the carousel would remain in tip-top shape for generations to come.In 1993, a local artists, Gary Anderson, was hired to refurbish the horses, and help make them look new again. The people of Watch Hill have taken this carousel under their wing and made it into their own.

The outside horses have a series of brass rings surrounding the carousel and if the rider can grab one of the rings, they get to ride again for FREE! Today, the carousel runs from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. It only costs $1 to ride on the inside horses and $1.50 on the outside, allowing your children to experience a piece of history for almost free.

Next time you and your family take a ride to Watch Hill, be sure to test out the oldest continually running carousel in the United States! You won’t regret it.

Old Brick School House, Providence, RI

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The growing idea of promoting education to all in support of a free society was at the heart of this old brick schoolhouse. This building was completed in 1769 by John Smith and embodies a special kind of significance in the history of Providence. By 1800, this became one of the earliest public education systems.

Prior to the Old Brick School House being built, it was very common for families to home school their children or send them to private school. The School House is a representation of the struggles fought and faced by many residents of the area to create a new public school structure within a new and independent society.

Since its construction, the building has been used in many forms; as an arsenal during the Revolutionary War, a grammar school, a classroom space for Brown University, the first school for African American children supported by the city of Providence, a sewing and cooking school, a school for tubercular children, a school for children with disabilities, and today it is the office of the Providence Preservation Society. The variety of roles that this building has served is what makes it extra special.

The building is full of history and had been restored beautifully from the outside in. The Providence Preservation Society now owns it and took care of restoring it. You will find it standing tall with its gorgeous woodwork dated back to the 1700s. The front double staircase has also remained the same! There is so much beauty inside and it is by far one of the most important structures of Providence history.

Next time you are in Providence, be sure to drive by this gorgeous building!

The 40 Steps, Newport, RI

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The 40 Steps is open daily from dawn to dusk.

The 40 steps is a beautiful landmark that is located right near the famous Newport Cliff Walk (at the east end of Narragansett Ave). This used to be one of the most popular hang out spots for the servants that worked at all of the Newport mansions during the Gilded Age.

Although the servants did not have much time off from work, they enjoyed themselves as much as they possibly could when they were given time off. They came down to The 40 Steps to dance, listen to music and take in the breathtaking views.

The 40 Steps was built in the early 1800’s, and was restored in the 1990’s, making them safer for more attractive for people to visit and take photos. The steps are made out of granite and were able to be restored due to donors who spent $3,000 each for their step.

Newport is one of the greatest destinations to visit, whether you are a Rhode Island resident or not. This is just one of the many waterfront spots that you should make a trip to when in Newport! If you are looking for a gorgeous place to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean, there are not many as beautiful as this one. Remember to bring your camera!

Murphy’s Pub

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Murphy’s Pub was established in 1929 being the oldest running pub in Providence. It is known for it’s heaping sandwiches, hearty dinners, modest prices and greatest service. No wonder they have been in business for so long! Joseph Murphy opened Murphy’s Lunch in the Industrial National Building right before the Great Depression.

Things slowed down due to the economic decline, but things started to pick back up when Joseph partnered with a Jewish immigrant who introduced New York style deli sandwiches and half-sour pickles to the menu in the 1950’s. They then changed it to Murphy’s Delicatessen. Years later, they were lucky to expand into the space next door to them and brought the deli and bar concept together.

By the time the 1970’s came around, they expanded even more into the barber shop to the right of them, making more and more seating. One of the employees who worked at the deli for years took ownership in the 1990’s and due to the fact the restaurant kept growing and growing, they moved locations into the Cosmopolitan Building in Providence. Now the restaurant incorporates 100% from scratch menu and locally sourced meats while still focusing on gourmet comfort food.  This is a blast from the past and you must give it a try!  They are located at 100 Fountain St, Providence, RI. To view additional Retro Blast articles visit our website,

The Arcade Providence

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The Arcade was built in 1828 and is the nation’s oldest indoor shopping mall in downtown Providence. This historic structure has Greek Revival columns, granite walls and classic facades still standing beautifully after more than 185 years watching over Westminster and Weybosset Streets.

Those who worked or lived in Providence at the time spent their days in the open center atrium to enjoy the delicious eateries and shop the small stores. The Arcade was designed by Russell Warren and Tallman & Bucklin in hopes for it to be a space for shopping and gathering inside with skylights for natural light. The design was inspired by many similar buildings found throughout Europe.

At the time of the Arcade’s opening, there were only a few stores on the west side of the building. Most of the shopping was on the east side. The Arcade was slow to attract customers and was known as “Butler’s Folly” for several years because of its distance from the shopping district. All things changed when a high end hat shop opened up, which attracted many wealthy customers to the neighborhood. More and more stores started to develop and it became a major shopping area in Providence.

Unfortunately, the Arcade closed in 2008 because not enough retail space was being used. To revamp this old mall it took the commitment from several new stores to take over the empty retail spaces.It reopened ints doors in 2013 and is now used today as a residential and commercial mixed- use building.

You can choose to shop at any mall, but you will never experience a mall with this much history and beautiful architecture! Visit (https://www. to learn more and check out their gorgeous, microlofts which are for rent!

White Horse Tavern

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26 Marlborough Street, Newport, Rhode Island

The White Horse Tavern is the oldest operating restaurant in the United States and is the 10th oldest restaurant in the entire world. The restaurant opened in 1673 and is now considered a famous National Historic Landmark. When walking into this Newport restaurant, you will find gorgeous architecture from the 17th century, with giant beams, cavernous fireplaces, clapboard walls, and a gambrel roof.

The White Horse Tavern was originally constructed as a home for Francis Brinley in 1652. William Mayes, Sr. then purchased it and turned it into the famous tavern-like it is today. For almost 100 years, this was the meeting spot of the Colony’s General Assembly, Criminal Court, and City Council.
By the time the 1700s came around, William Mayes succeeded his father as the innkeeper and earned a license to sell liquor. William was a pirate that operated in the Red Sea and turned to Newport with his bounty. Mary Mayes Nichols, Williams’s sister, and her husband, also followed as innkeepers for the next 200 years. In 1703, Jonathan Nichols became tavern keeper and gave the tavern its name. This was the spot the counselors came to have a nice meal and charge it to the public treasury.
Time went on, and the family finally moved out of the Tavern. Throughout the years, the building started to fall apart and was neglected. The Preservation Society of Newport Country acquired the building in the mid-1900s and was able to restore it, and save the structure from demolition.
In 1981, O.L Pitts of Texas and three partners bought the Taverns. As sponsors of famous America’s Cup, they continued to keep the restaurant going and offered delicious food and drinks. However, the O.L Pitts aged, he turned ownership over to Paul Hogan, a man who was born and raised in Newport.
There have been several different owners of the Tavern over the years, but it continues to stand strong today and offers one of the best dining experiences you will ever have! Enjoy a taste of the 21st century in a colonial tavern that has been serving people for over 350 years!
To check out their menu or reserve a spot in their dining room visit their website at
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Beavertail Lighthouse

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Beavertail Road, Jamestown, Rhode Island

Beavertail Lighthouse is one of the most visited landmarks in Rhode Island, for both its history and its incredible panoramic views of Narragansett Bay. It is located on the southernmost tip of Jamestown, Rhode Island and is the site of the third-oldest lighthouse in the United States.

The original Beavertail Lighthouse was built back in 1749 with a purpose for settlers to have a light that could help guide ships from the open ocean into either Newport Harbor or Narragansett Bay. The wooden structure caught on fire 4 years later and burned to the ground.

British sailors retreating from Newport towards the end of the American Revolutionary War left a trail of destruction behind them in 1779. This included burning the lighthouse and removing the optics, which left darkness for the rest of the war.

In 1856, the tower was replaced with what is now the current tower, made of granite which is 10 ft square, and 64 feet from the ground to a beacon. A 3rd order Fresnel lens was placed and over the next forty years, it was the site of numerous fog-signal tests, under the supervision of the United States Lighthouse board. In 1898, living space was added to the lighthouse for an assistant keeper; who helped with fog-signaling.

Years later, the whistle house was destroyed during the 1938 hurricane. The US Coast Gaurd then took control of all lighthouses and navigational aids. The building was restored and opened to the public in 1989, following a joint effort by the US Coast Guard, Rhode Island Parks Management, the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, and the town of Jamestown. in 1993, Beavertail Museum was established and is now open to the public.

The Beavertail Lighthouse Museum stands as the main tourist attraction within the Park with an impressive collection of information and artifacts about the history and site of the third-oldest lighthouse in North America through exhibits, a small theater and interactive displays (there’s a gift shop, too!). You can also take in the incredible views and walk through the beautiful trails throughout the entire year.

There will be a special holiday event taking place at the museum on Sunday, December 8th from 1-4 PM!

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