Spoil that special person in your life with a gift from Ocean State Jewelers!

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We are amidst the busiest shopping season, and there’s nothing quite like shopping local for the holidays. Our small businesses have endured a lot of hardships, yet continue to serve the community with a smile on their face. Put away the computer this year and visit the small businesses in the community!

One great local business, Ocean State Jewelers, is conveniently located in Johnston and sells brands that will wow your special someone. With their wide range of pieces, you are guaranteed to find the perfect item for your loved one, or maybe even for yourself!

Ocean State Jewelers carries these outstanding collections and more:

The DORA Collection – The DORA collection contains a beautiful selection of wedding rings and other timeless pieces. These pieces can also be monogrammed to make this gift even more special.

The Stuller collection – From various gems to other beautiful pieces, this collection is jaw-dropping, and guaranteed to make that special someone feel extra special!

Quality Gold – Quality Gold – is a beautiful collection with a wide selection. These beautiful gold charms are a perfect, simplistic gift to shower your loved one with!

These examples are just a few of the many brands that Ocean State carries and their selection goes even deeper.

Don’t wait until the last minute this season. Visit Ocean State Jewelers at 1395 Atwood Ave and view their incredible jewelry selection. Shop local for this holiday season, and support the small businesses that give us so much!

The Perfect Pen for your Special Someone

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The holidays are around the corner, which means the busiest shopping season is among us! A quality pen can make a fantastic gift for the writer, professional, or enthusiast in your life. There are a large variety of pens out there, and it can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for – so we created this helpful guide so that you can choose the perfect pen!

Ballpoint Pens – Most ballpoint pens are either a twist-style pen, meaning that the pen operates by twisting it open and close in order to write. Another variation is a click pen in which there is a clicker on top of the pen that pushes up and down in order to write.
Rollerball Pens – Rollerball pens usually have a cap that stays on the pen when not in use. When you are ready to write with the pen, the cap needs to be taken off.
Fountain Pens – Fountain pens have a calligraphy-style nib that uses a wide range of filling systems and offer a wide range of inks and colors. These pens take some time to learn how to use but once you catch on, they are addictive.
Standard Ballpoint Ink – Ballpoint pen ink contains an oil-based solvent and pigment for color. The ink flows from a thin tube or canister in the pen and through a small ball in the tip of the pen when you apply pressure to the ball. Standard colors for ballpoint ink are black, blue, red, and green but are available in many other colors. Ballpoint pen ink dries almost instantly as it touches paper, but because it is oil-based, it can smear.
Rollerball Ink (water-based) – Water-based ink for rollerball requires less pressure on the rollerball tip to write. Water-based ink is less viscous than oil-based ink and deeply saturates the paper, resulting in a dark color. Water-based ink comes in a variety of colors but Black, Blue, and Red are the most common. Water-based inks dry much quicker and will not smudge.
Gel Ink Gel pen ink contains colorful pigment suspended in a thick, water-based gel. The high viscosity of the gel supports more pigment than standard gel ink and also accommodates different types of pigments such as copper and iron oxides. Gel pen ink is thick and opaque and available in almost every color. Gel inks are usually very smooth, require little pressure to write. They are also slower to dry and can smudge if not dried.

Something to keep in mind is that ink refills are not interchangeable, and pertain only to the specific pen it is purchased. Choose the perfect pen for your special someone this holiday season by visiting the Pen Savings website:

Shop Local for the Holidays

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As you begin to think about the gifts you are going to buy for your loved ones, exit out of those Amazon browsers & stay away from the big department stores. Give back to your local economy and purchase gifts at local businesses near you. You could make a major impact, and help determine whether our local businesses will thrive in 2022.

Rhode Island business owners have worked extra hard this year to provide quality products, services, and pleasant shopping & dining experiences in our community. Supporting them during the upcoming bustling season is a way in which we can give back and show our gratitude.

If you want to get a little personal with your gift, Ocean State Jewelers has a wide variety of jewelry to shop. Visit their location at 1395 Atwood Ave, Johnston, and get a one-on-one shopping experience and a gorgeous gift for the deserving man or woman in your life! The various lines that they hold are guaranteed to appeal to you!

Have someone in your life that has a niche for construction? Stop by Kamco and browse from the 100,000 pieces of state-of-the-art equipment that they hold, and choose the tool that is most desired! Visit their location at 37 Amflex Drive, Cranston!

Have a marine lover on your list? Beyond their extensive supply of marine diesel parts, Rhode Island Engine has a showroom filled with everything from top-of-the-line waterproof gear to stocking stuffers like hats and gloves. Visit 79 State Street, Narragansett!

Gift cards are an easy gift that everyone loves, no matter how old you are. Almost every retail location, restaurant, and service offer a gift card in any chosen amount. This is a gift that you know won’t go to waste because your loved one can pick out what they want, and you won’t have to stress about finding something perfect for everyone! Whether it be Ocean State Jewelers or Rhode Island Engine, let your recipient choose the item of their choosing!

Don’t spend all your time waiting in lines and stressing over the “perfect gifts” this holiday season. If this year has taught us anything, it’s that we need to support one another and show we care. Ditch the online ordering, and find a unique gift for your loved ones right in the little state of Rhode Island!

Shop in a Festive Fashion

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As the temperature continues to fall, and the twinkle lights begin decorating the bare trees, it becomes apparent that the shopping season is on its way. Rhode Island is a travel destination during all seasons, but there is something special about the Ocean State come winter. Maybe it is the appeal of shopping while listening to Christmas music and gazing at beautiful, festive sights.

Shop in the heart of RI

Providence Place Mall is the perfect place to start your Black Friday shopping. With three total floors, it would be a surprise if you didn’t leave the mall with your arms full of purchases! Tired of shopping and need a refresher? The food court of the mall has a variety of restaurant chains to quickly satisfy your hunger. If that isn’t appealing, take a step outside the mall into the beautiful city and browse the various restaurants surrounding it. The Cheesecake Factory is a family favorite, making your shopping experience even sweeter!

Waterfront Shopping

Newport is a hot tourist attraction in the summer, but have you seen it in the winter? Decorated beautifully and festively, take a stroll through the streets of Newport and all the shops that it has to offer. Some of the famous boutiques that are a hit to tourists are at Shops at Long Wharf! Holding some famous brands such as Athleta, Gap, Sephora, Francesca’s, and J.Crew, shop your favorite brands while being surrounded by holiday cheer.

Shop in Wickford

Another tourist attraction is the Historical Wickford Village. The small boutiques hold items that you can’t find online or in a basic mall. The handcrafted items offer a heartfelt sentiment to the receiver, which you can’t find just anywhere! Gold Lady is one of the shops in the Village, offering beautiful pieces of jewelry that you can gift a loved one. Green Ink is just another example of a shop at Wickford that has unique women’s clothing that cannot be found at your average mall. When shopping this season, it is worth it to check out the unique experience of Wickford!

How To Support RI Businesses During The Coronavirus Outbreak

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As the United States and the rest of the world are taking precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, local businesses are at risk. While staying inside and social distancing are necessary to keep us healthy and safe, this is already affecting the Rhode Island businesses that make our state so special.

While customers may not be visiting stores, gyms, studios, and restaurants, the bills are going to keep coming for these businesses. Federal and local governments are working on relief efforts but this may not be enough to help your favorite local businesses keep their doors open. These businesses and their employees need all the help they can get.

Here are a few things that you can do to help support RI businesses at a time when they desperately need it.

Buy a gift card

Purchasing a gift card is a great way to provide a business with the money it needs when it needs it the most. You can spend it later when things go back to normal.

Ask about alternatives

Don’t just assume that the businesses you love are closed or can’t provide you with the products and services you need. Contact them and find out if they are making small changes to stay in business. Maybe your favorite local craft store is offering deliveries, or maybe your favorite restaurant is still serving takeout.

Spread the word

If you see that a business is working hard to make adjustments and stay open, let others know! Whether it’s by sharing posts on social media or by texting your friends, the free publicity could go a long way for these businesses. Even sharing local restaurant take out menus could make a big difference.

Buy online, LOCALLY

If you’re looking to buy products while avoiding the crowd, don’t just buy straight from large companies like Amazon. Check to see if any local stores are offering online orders first.

Try not to cancel

If you have a membership, subscription, or pre-paid reservation, do your best not to cancel. Times are tough and we understand that this may not be an option for everyone. But, if you can afford it, try to continue paying for gym memberships or subscriptions – even if businesses can no longer provide services to you. These types of businesses depend on regular income to pay the bills and their employees.

Show some love

If you can’t continue to pay for subscriptions, leave positive reviews for the businesses you love on Google and Yelp. Unfortunately, some businesses will have to close temporarily but leaving positive reviews could help drive traffic to businesses once they open back up.

Support a local restaurant

This list from Eat Drink RI is a great resource with information on which RI restaurants are still open for take out.

At a time where a lot seems to be out of our control, there is so much we can do as a community to help our local businesses survive this pandemic. These RI businesses are working hard to stay afloat and now it’s time to do your part!

More Products Local to Rhode Island

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Iggy’s Doughboys & Chowderhouse

If you’ve spent a fair amount of time in The Ocean State, you likely know about Iggy’s Doughboys & Chowderhouse. They’re a casual, family friendly restaurant serving sandwiches, chowder, fried clams, and fish platters. Iggy’s doughboys are best described as a fritter and they’re a very popular side dish. They can be served plain or sprinkled with powdered sugar or sugar and cinnamon for dessert. As for the chowder, it’s available in both red and white varieties, as well as Rhode Island style (clear). Everything on the menu is inexpensive and served promptly – a great place for a fun meal! If you can’t get to Iggy’s, they’ve just instituted an online store where you can order gift baskets, novelty items, clam cake mix, Iggy’s chopped clams, doughboys, and more.


Anyone who owns a pet knows excess shedding pet hair is part of the bargain. That’s why we were so pleased to discover a Rhode Island made product called FurrFighters. Developed by local firefighters, FurrFighters are excess pet hair removal products that work by simply swiping over a targeted area. FurrFighters are available in gloves and furniture brushes and a clever pocket sized. They clean the pet hair off any hard surface, and work like a charm not only on cats and dogs, but car seats, blankets, and more and a firm tap allows for quick and easy disposal. Check out their website for details and more!

Poblano Farm Salsa and Sauce

South Kingstown is home to Poblano Farm, a family run operation that has been making quite a name for themselves for their line of salsas and pasta sauce. Poblano Farm is best known for their three salsas – Roasted, Chipotle, and Mild, which have been featured on the Cooking Channel along with their signature pasta sauce. The pasta sauce features farm grown tomatoes and no added sugar. Taste the delicious sweetness of Rhode Island grown tomatoes and see why they’re sought out all over New England! You can find Poblano Farm products at select markets in The Ocean State as well as online at their website’s store.

Products Local to Rhode Island

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Stella Marie Soap Company

Stella Marie Soap Company has been delivering handmade soap to the world since 2007. Located in Warren, they make a wide variety of soaps for both women and men. Their soap is environmentally friendly with no emulsifiers or artificial ingredients like most mass produced soap. Most unique are their fruit and vegetable soaps. Choose from Cucumber Slumber, Banana Smoothie, Avocado Dreaming, Tropical Rescue, and more. Stella Marie Soap also offers massage bars, body scrubs, gift sets, and a line called Rhode Island Bath and Body. This line features soaps and lip balms inspired by some of the state’s favorites. You’ll find a soap called “Home Brewed”, made with Rhode Island brewed coffee and Autocrat Coffee Syrup, and “Last Call”, a beer based soap made with the iconic Narragansett Lager! Visit their website to see all their unique bath and body products! | (617) 803-8622

Silk Tree Farm

Located in Little Compton, this sustainable farm pasture raises a variety of goats, chickens, and hogs on property that is under a conservation easement with the Nature Conservatory. They believe in heritage breed conservation, sustainability, conserving our food system, and raising happy healthy animals. Silk Tree Farm offers goat milk soap bars in various scents, including peppermint, sandalwood, and eucalyptus mint among others. They also offer an enticing collection of soy wax candles, poured right on the farm and featuring a burn time of 80 hours each. Ideal as a Rhode Island made gift! Check out their site for all the details and place an order today! | (401) 207-9474

North Light Fibers

North Light Fibers is a Micro Yarn Mill that produces high quality handcrafted minimally processed yarns made 100% on Block Island! They hand weave and knit garments and home decor items from hand made yarn. Among their many truly local products are baby blankets, throw rugs, hats, gloves, and other knit and woven items. Several sizes and colors of rugs, throws, and place mats are available. Any would look great in your home! Click through to their website to learn more about their products as well as Block Island. | (401) 466-2050

Shop local to find the right items and get your kids ready for the new school year

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Teddy Bearskins

The Wickford store is the main location, located in beautiful historic Wickford, RI. It’s worth the visit to this quaint historic fishing village. Wickford also has a great playground, with soccer and baseball fields, just blocks from the store. There is alos a second location in East Greenwich. Quality clothing, shoes, and toys is the main desire, along with excellent customer service. If you are looking for a unique shopping experience this school season, so by Teddy Bearskins.

April Showers

April Showers, located in West Warwick, has been serving Rhode Island communities since 2005. They expanded our store in 2008 to better serve our families for tremendous savings on brand name clothing for kids, babies and moms-to-be! April Showers carries boys and girls clothing from preemie to size 14, baby equipment, furniture, books, toys and more! They offer new products every day. Whether you want to shop for incredible savings, consign to clean out, or do both, April Showers looks forward to serving you.

Yorker Shoes

In 1949 Yorker Shoes opened its doors in Providence, Rhode Island for the first time. The store was committed to showing everyone that size, service and selection was the key to customer satisfaction. Today, Yorker Shoes now located in Johnston, is still providing size, service, and selection to each and every customer. When you visit Yorker Shoes you will discover that nothing has changed. They still offer the same customer service and support as we did the day they opened their doors.

Back to Basics Natural Foods

Rhode Island healthy eating is for some, the only option. Especially for kids that have certain requirements. Back To Basics Natural Foods, in East Greenwich, opened in 1982 and has been selling healthy foods and vitamin supplements to the area ever since.This is a 5,000 square foot grocery store If you have some type of dietary restriction, be it voluntary, such as vegetarianism or veganism, or involuntary, such as lactose intolerance

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