Spoil that special person in your life with a gift from Ocean State Jewelers!

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We are amidst the busiest shopping season, and there’s nothing quite like shopping local for the holidays. Our small businesses have endured a lot of hardships, yet continue to serve the community with a smile on their face. Put away the computer this year and visit the small businesses in the community!

One great local business, Ocean State Jewelers, is conveniently located in Johnston and sells brands that will wow your special someone. With their wide range of pieces, you are guaranteed to find the perfect item for your loved one, or maybe even for yourself!

Ocean State Jewelers carries these outstanding collections and more:

The DORA Collection – The DORA collection contains a beautiful selection of wedding rings and other timeless pieces. These pieces can also be monogrammed to make this gift even more special.

The Stuller collection – From various gems to other beautiful pieces, this collection is jaw-dropping, and guaranteed to make that special someone feel extra special!

Quality Gold – Quality Gold – is a beautiful collection with a wide selection. These beautiful gold charms are a perfect, simplistic gift to shower your loved one with!

These examples are just a few of the many brands that Ocean State carries and their selection goes even deeper.

Don’t wait until the last minute this season. Visit Ocean State Jewelers at 1395 Atwood Ave and view their incredible jewelry selection. Shop local for this holiday season, and support the small businesses that give us so much!

Kayla Zarrella Wardrobe Stylist

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Did you know that 80% of what you have hanging in your closet you DON’T wear? Kayla Zarrella, a top wardrobe stylist and personal shopper in Rhode Island, has a natural ability for aesthetics. Whether you are looking for an every day outfit, business professional looks for work, or a dress for a wedding you have coming up next month, Kayla excels in private styling and is a pro at building peoples wardrobes. Kayla inspires you to be the best version of yourself while catering to her clients individual needs.

“The Closet Edit” consists of Kayla going through your entire wardrobe and evaluating each piece according to style, fit and trend. During this one-on-one consultation, Kayla determines which pieces to keep, what pieces to sell and what to donate. With the existing pieces, Kayla will advise how to wear and restyle your wardrobe by creating a refreshed new look. At the end of the consultation, she will take your donated items to local charity drop off and send you the tax receipt.

Do you feel like you are so consumed with work and your children, that you cannot seem to get out of the house and go shopping? Kayla offers a Personal Shopping Service where she figures out your wardrobe goals and needs and custom tailors a shopping trip that fits your budget and lifestyle. She will find you pieces that encourage you to go outside of your fashion comfort zone! Now eliminate those stressful hours of shopping and count on Kayla to find you pieces that ensure you feel confident and polished!

Packing tends to be the least exciting part of any travel excursion. However it doesn’t have to be an irritating, dreadful process! Kayla’s Packing Service can help create your looks based on the aesthetic and vibe of the trip you have coming up. She helps customize your wardrobe itinerary according to the destination, weather, and events you will be attending.

Kayla Zarrella aims to help people gain self-confidence and feel their absolute best, no matter what their lifestyle may be. Discovering one’s own personal style is a journey in itself and with Kayla, you no longer have to navigate it alone! Check out her website & what she has to offer at and reach out for your consultation with Kayla today!

The Style Sherpa

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Where is the best place to shop for great, inexpensive outfits that you will enjoy wearing? If you ask The Style Sherpa Gaelen Abt will tell you that it is in your own closet!!! Gaelen helps clients find new combinations of clothing so that they can dress confidently and stylishly for the cost of a modest consulting fee. She really enjoys the challenge of mixing patterns and takes pride when people get excited about clothing they already own.

Additionally, Gaelen shops for her clients with limited time or patience for shopping, she updates clothing and creates new outfits for her clients. Most of Gaelen’s clients are women, but she enjoys helping men, too!

Gaelen shared the following style recommendations:


– Try it on, even if you don’t think it is your style. You may like what you see.
– Experiment mixing different clothing you own. You may discover unique outfits you did not know you owned.

– Find an awesome tailor and become one of their favorite customers.


– Update your shoes. Shoes make a powerful statement.
– Replace suits, jackets and pants (or having a tailor update them) if they are over 10 years old. Eliminate pleated pants. They do not look good on you.
– Add pattern suits, shirts, ties and socks to your wardrobe.


– Add a variety of patterns. Don’t wear just solids. Wear patterns in a variety of combinations.
– Stop wearing all black unless you are in mourning.
– Use your clothing to highlight your best features.

Please contact Gaelen by email at Gaelen@TheStyleSherpa. Com or check out her website, FaceBook page and Instagram postings. Gaelen will be pleased to help you dress more confidently.