Up Country

www.upcountryinc.com | (800) 541-5909

Located just outside Providence, Rhode Island, Up Country offers high quality dog collars, dog leads, dog harnesses, cat collars, cat harness and leash sets, and other pet products with style. The company manufactures their ribbon pet collars, leashes, harnesses, pet beds, toys and many other of our products in our East Providence factory, all hand made and hand sewn with love. When Alice Nichols started Up Country in 1984, the only dog collars available were nylon or leather with little or no decoration. Alice designed the first 6 Up Country collars. Now Up Country brings a sense of style to all aspects of your pets’ life with over 120 collar designs and dozens of lifestyle accessories.

JAVA Skin Care

Stephanie began her journey into skin care because of...coffee. During her first start up (founding a coffee roasting company), she became aware of the positive benefits her favorite drink has for human health, and then discovered its wonder for the outside of the body too. She created JAVA’s all-natural skincare products harnessing the rejuvenating properties of organic raw green coffee, a powerful source of antioxidants and caffeine to improve skin’s tone and texture. Stephanie first began selling at spas, then farmer’s markets, and now at boutiques across the USA. Nourishing for all skin-types, the plant-based ingredients are specifically selected to meet high standards of purity, efficacy, and environmental sustainability.

Ape & Bird

Ape & Bird is a two person crew stitching and making in Providence. Since 2012 they have been making small batch and one of a kind camp caps, wallets, fanny packs, backpacks and more. April (Ape) and Richer (Bird) will not buy wholesale and slap our label or logo on it - everything is made by us in house. April and Richer handmake every single thing from scratch and have hand cut and sewn over 2500 caps. They use USA milled denims and hardware and support small local business for things like pencils, shipping supplies etc. They love old sewing machinery and the textile heritage that New England has.

Soulita Soap

Soulita is a local organic skincare and soap business created by Lexus R. S. Fernandez, a Rhode Island native and ruptured brain aneurysm survivor. Founded in Rhode Island in 2019, Soulita has grown into a small team and has built a significant following over time with it’s trend-spotting products like their Nike and Playstation molded bar soaps. The brand continues to conjoint with the right synergy between essential oils and the healing botanical extracts that address the skin’s concern. From bar soaps to bottled soaps and oils they have quite the variety. Be sure to check out their 3 layered Pan Africa Soap Bar, its lavender, shea and peppermint scented and half of the proceeds will be donated to Black Lives Matter to help fund the Movement!

The Black Leaf Tea & Culture Shop

The Black Leaf Tea & Culture Shop was started in 2019 by Amber Jackson and is a Rhode Island based company that offers homemade tea blends such as “detox” and “coco bae.” The company also uses its platform to “engage the community and celebrate Black culture” in New England through monthly tea talks. Teas have been used for centuries to heal and bring people together. At The Black Leaf Tea & Culture Shop, they are using their tea blends to encourage the community and celebrate Black culture. Their mission is to promote health through teas and herbs, increase community engagement, and cultural enrichment. Check out their decadent tea blends at www.theblackleaftea.com.

Stages Of Freedom

Stages of Freedom, a quaint bookstore and museum on 10 Westminster St. in Providence, is a space for people of all walks of life to purchase books, gifts, small furnishings, art and more. Ray Rickman and Robb Dimmick started the nonprofit six years ago and all of the books in the store are donated and all profits go towards Swim Empowerment to help finance swimming lessons for children of color at YMCAs around the state. The museum showcases the state’s African American history with changing exhibits, and the event space features the Freedom Factor, a monthly salon exploring African American life in Rhode Island and beyond held every third Thursday of the month. To learn more about Stages of Freedom’s involvement in the community, Swim Empowerment, or to donate, please visit www.stagesoffreedom.org

Rhode Island Rocks

www.rirocks.com | 401-207-4442

Rhode Island Rocks are irresistable chocolate candies with pretzels, raisins and peanuts. Brother and sister duo, Tom and Lucia Asprinio have taken an old family recipe and have made this delicious confection available from their family to yours. Created by Tesoro Confectioners Inc., its distinctive and unusual shape lends itself to the name Rocks, as well as promoting the Ocean State. Lucia has been making these delightful candies for as long as she can remember. For years people told her to sell her candy but she emphatically said no. Her dedication was to her family, making all her delicious recipes from main courses to desserts and sharing them. Being Italian it is only natural that most everything revolves around food. Her children agree that nothing compares to their mother’s cooking. One taste and you will be hooked, as they have heard so often...“what’s not to like.”

Orange Cat Candle Co.

www.orangecatcandleco.com | 401-688-9181

Samantha Lebeau started making candles in her kitchen in 2015. As she improved her craft, she decided she needed a name for her company. Around that time, Samantha adopted a very handsome feral cat from the streets of Providence, RI. They decided to become partners; she’d make the candles and he’d sell them with that handsome face! Her cat, Mr. Field, is the inspiration for her craft. Her candles are hand poured, clean burning soy wax and hemp wicks, they contain no nasty chemicals, and have a longer burn time than average candles. They come in a variety of scents including Cinnamon Bun, Clean Cotton, Maple Walnut, Meyer Lemon, White Jasmine & Mint and many more! Check out all the scents on her website!

Newport Sea Salt Co.

www.newportseasaltco.com | 401-316-7096

This veteran owned artisanal sea salt company follows the traditional and unhurried process of crafting 100% pure and natural sea salt. After serving our country for twenty years as a U.S. Naval Officer, Matthew Mullins, had the desire to stay connected to the sea. Mullins sources the sea water from Newport’s Brenton Reef, a rocky coast with an abundance of shellfish naturally filtering the water makes this the ideal harvesting location. His desire is to pass along the very best all-natural sea salt, free of anti-caking agents and bleaches. Newport Sea Salt is real and unprocessed, it has a wonderful briny taste, and a delicately crunchy texture. Regardless if you’re a seasoned restaurant chef or a kitchen weekend warrior, our Reef to Table sea salt will enhance the flavor of any dish!

Catanzaro’s White Wine Biscuits

Catanzaro Food Products was established out of the love for cooking and baking. Steve’s desire for cooking pasta sauce (gravy) and Kristen’s desire for baking started many years ago. Together with their experience and authentic recipes from their families, Catanzaro Food Products was born. Their White Wine Biscuits are from a recipe that is over 100 years old that has been handed down through generations of Catanzaro’s. The original shape, texture, and taste have not changed over the years and we still make them by hand without the assistance of modern machinery. These unique biscuits are baked to be on the crunchy side and are best enjoyed with coffee, tea, milk, wine, or just as a healthy snack!

Tiffany & Co.

www.tiffany.com | 800-843-3269

In 1837 Charles Lewis Tiffany founded his company in New York City where his store was soon acclaimed as the palace of jewels for its exceptional gemstones. Since then Tiffany & Co. has become synonymous with elegance, innovative design, fine craftsmanship, and creative excellence. Did you know Tiffany & Co. has a manufacturing base right here in Lil’ Rhody? In Cumberland, RI to be exact. The company operates more than 300 Tiffany & Co. retail stores worldwide as part of its omnichannel approach. To learn more about Tiffany & Co. as well as its commitment to sustainability, please visit tiffany.com.

Ocean State Pepper Co.

www.rhodypepper.com | 401-316-7096

Founded in October of 2017, Ocean State Pepper Co. has been hard at work developing new flavors and blends to keep on-trend in the food industry. Dave Conner, an executive chef by trade and alumni of Johnson and Wales University, came to Rhode Island following his passion for cooking. Together with Katie Evans the two have been working tirelessly to gain traction with their web-based store, and most recently have been coordinating with local boutique vendors, as well as working hand-in-hand with local restaurateurs, spreading our love of food, cooking, and spices throughout the Ocean State. Dave is now full-time pepper...and you will be seeing a lot of him every week at numerous Farmer’s Markets throughout Mass, Connecticut, and of course, Lil’ Rhody.

Newport Vineyards Rhody Coyote

www.newportvineyards.com | 401-848-5161

A beverage and culinary destination that blends together award winning wine, fresh craft beer, farm to table dining experiences and unique events situated on over 100-acres of preserved farmland. Experience a touch of Napa just minutes from Newport, RI. The juice of select Rhode Island Apples is blended and mothered according to an old family tradition. They then top the juice with a touch of Champagne Yeast. The result is bright and fruity with just a hint of sparkle. Served chilled and enjoy. These ciders are pair nicely with creamy pastas, turkey (especially at Thanksgiving!), cider braised pork, squash soup and blue cheese. Check out the amazing selection of wines, beers, and ciders at www.newportvineyards.com.

Alex and Ani

www.alexandani.com | 800-725-7822

The first retail Alex and Ani store opened in Newport in 2009, and in addition to the stand-alone stores, the jewelry was sold through national department stores. In Cranston, Alex and Ani Chapel View is their flagship retail location. The store features a large, open floor plan and a mobile charging station to safely and securely charge your mobile device! Eco-friendly jewelry chain is known for its handcrafted expandable bangles, chain necklaces & rings. No visit is complete without stopping by Alex and Ani Chapel View for your positive energy fix!


www.bananagrams.com | 401-781-9649

Allie’s Donuts is - and has always been - YOUR hometown bakery. The Allie’s Donuts franchise has been up and running since June 1st, 1968; the day that Frederick ‘Allie” Briggs decided to open up shop on a busy stretch of Rt.2 highway. Since that day, ‘Allie’s’ has continued to produce quality doughnuts, turnovers, cinnamon buns, and other pastry desserts that many Rhode Islanders have grown to love. From one simple family-owned bakery in North Kingstown, the ‘Allie’s’ reputation of delicious doughnuts has crossed generations - and is now proudly owned & operated by Allie’s own daughter Anne and her husband Bud Drescher. The ‘Allie’s Family’ is determined to continue creating the best home-made doughnuts possible, and are proud to be a part of the long and storied tradition that Allie’s Donuts upholds.

Gregg’s Restaurants & Taverns

www.greggsusa.com | 401-886-5700

With four locations conveniently located throughout the state of Rhode Island, Gregg’s is a family favorite and a Rhode Island tradition since 1972. Famous for their award winning home style desserts and an extensive menu that features items made from only the freshest ingredients. Go to Gregg’s and watch the game in their Tavern or enjoy a casual lunch or dinner in the dining rooms. Book their function rooms or bring their famous, multiple award winning desserts and platters to your next party. Make Gregg’s Restaurants & Taverns your restaurant of choice and see why they’ve been a Rhode Island tradition for close to 50 years!


www.inpopnito.com | 617-817-1241

Inpopnito concocts popcorn in dozens of “disguises”. This tasty popcorn is a step above your average microwave snack! They feature such sweet disguises, or flavors if you must, as Blue (really!) Raspberry, Key Lime, and Wacky Watermelon. Of course they have caramels such as White Sugar Caramel, Deep, Dark Caramel, and their best seller, Sea-sprayed Caramel. Their savory disguises include Buffalo Breath, French Onion, Honey Mustard, and Vampire’s Nemesis. Don’t forget the cheese, Newport Cheddar is a fan favorite. Do yourself a flavor favor and visit Inpopnito in Newport to sample some of their disguises! Also available online!

Allie’s Donuts

www.AlliesDonuts.com | 401-295-8036

Allie’s Donuts is - and has always been - YOUR hometown bakery. The Allie’s Donuts franchise has been up and running since June 1st, 1968; the day that Frederick ‘Allie” Briggs decided to open up shop on a busy stretch of Rt.2 highway. Since that day, ‘Allie’s’ has continued to produce quality doughnuts, turnovers, cinnamon buns, and other pastry desserts that many Rhode Islanders have grown to love. From one simple family-owned bakery in North Kingstown, the ‘Allie’s’ reputation of delicious doughnuts has crossed generations - and is now proudly owned & operated by Allie’s own daughter Anne and her husband Bud Drescher. The ‘Allie’s Family’ is determined to continue creating the best home-made doughnuts possible, and are proud to be a part of the long and storied tradition that Allie’s Donuts upholds.


www.caswellmassey.com | 800-326-0500

Founded in 1752 in Newport, Rhode Island, Caswell-Massey is America’s original
apothecary and perfumery, long considered one of the foremost purveyors of scent and
luxury. They are known for our exquisitely crafted triple-milled bath and hand soaps, our
time-tested apothecary remedies, our shaving soaps, and for extraordinary grooming and
shaving accessories. Caswell-Massey was the author of classic American fragrances and
an early leader in developing many popular remedies such as our cucumber eye pads,
almond and aloe soaps, lotions, and shaving creams. Many of the fragrances offered by
Caswell-Massey today are rooted in these bespoke fragrances, and many more exist
in our famed archives as starting points for new fragrances we have yet to introduce to
the public. Take a look at all the classic products offered at the Caswell-Massey website.
Makes a great gift from the Ocean State!

Tipsy Skipper

This vibrant Rhode Island company is owned and operated by designer Kearsley Lloyd, who draws much of her inspiration from waters around The Ocean State. Tipsy Skipper is a
fashionable and approachable line of shoes, jewelry, and accessories designed for those who enjoy a healthy dose of creativity in their lives…Kearsley is a graduate of the Rhode
Island School of Design and just happens to be a descendant of the legendary pirate Captain Morgan, which in part inspired her company’s name. Women and girls will adore the patterns
shown on her website – they adorn Tipsy Skipper’s line of casual shoes, sandals, and totes. If you’re looking for interesting gifts for the fun and fashion-conscious person on your list, check
out the Tipsy Skippers website – you’ll love the creative designs!

Lighthouse Portraits

Artist Ron Schmitz of Cranston, RI creates beautiful portraits of Rhode Island lighthouses and beyond on canvas or slate, like the one shown of three iconic lighthouses…Many lighthouses are endangered due to location, weathering, or outdated capabilities. Ron preserves the images of these lighthouses and he’ll gladly complete a portrait of a lighthouse holding special memories for you. Most of his works depict Rhode Island and New England lighthouses, but there are other works from the eastern seaboard and beyond…These one of a kind portraits are available directly from the Lighthouse Portraits Etsy Shop. Each portrait is identified on the reverse with the location and name of the lighthouse. A very special one of a kind gift from The Ocean State!

Three Dogs Barbecue Sauces

Out of Saunderstown, RI comes a due of habanero barbecue sauces inspired by three rescued beagles…those of owners Lisa Natanson and Scott Drabinowicz. The sauces are called Puppum’s Three Dog Barbecue Sauces, and they’re formulated to let the flavor shine through and not just the heat…The sauces, which come in Mild and Hot varieties, are thicker in consistency than your normal barbecue sauces, which make them all the better for dipping and spreading on sandwiches. At the Three Dogs Sauces website, you’ll find a list of area stores where the sauces are available, and you can also order online. We especially like the jars they’re packaged in – wider mouth to help you enjoy every bit! As an added plus, proceeds are donated from every jar sold to local animal rescue groups. Great stuff from The Ocean State!

Island Mist Bath and Body

Island Mist Natural Bath and Body is a small company located on Block Island. This beautiful island is located 12 miles off the Rhode Island coast and 14 miles east of Montauk Point on Long Island, NY. It is a year-round destination (though much more popular in summer), accessible by ferry and small plane flights. One of the island’s businesses is the aforementioned Island Mist Natural Products, which creates facial, bath, and healing products from natural island ingredients. The company also makes solid stick perfumes which are ideal for people with scent allergies. This basket contains Taste of Summer Sea Bath, Ocean Facial Scrub and Mask, a lobster loofah, lavender and lemon lotion, candles, and a wooden fish soap dish.

Jack’s Snacks Dog Bakery

Based in Cranston, Jack’s Snacks is a bakery for your best dog pal. Founded over ten years ago, the company makes unique treats for dogs from all-natural ingredients in flavors pooches crave …Pictured is a pizza party for dogs. It looks like the real thing and even smells like the real thing as it’s made with basil and oregano! It feeds eight and is shipped in a pizza box – perfects if you’ve got a few furry friends! Jack’s Snacks also makes bone-shaped birthday cakes, peanut butter treats, apple dog cookies, and sweet potato dog chews. You’ll find other useful ideas for your best friend on their website, like a special dog shampoo soap bar that’ll leave your pal’s coat shiny and smelling great! Check them out, and get your dog a tasty sample of The Ocean State!

Poblano Farm Salsa and Sauce

www.poblanofarm.com | 401-261-5716

South Kingstown is home to Poblano Farm, a family run operation that has been making quite a name for themselves for their line of salsas and pasta sauce. Poblano Farm is best known for their three salsas – Roasted, Chipotle, and Mild, which have been featured on the Cooking Channel along with their signature pasta sauce. The pasta sauce features farm grown tomatoes and no added sugar. Taste the delicious sweetness of Rhode Island grown tomatoes and see why they’re sought out all over New England! You can find Poblano Farm products at select markets in The Ocean State as well as online at their website’s store.


www.furrfighters.com | 401-440-7371

Anyone who owns a pet knows excess shedding pet hair is part of the bargain. That’s why we were so pleased to discover a Rhode Island made product called FurrFighters. Developed by local firefighters, FurrFighters are excess pet hair removal products that work by simply swiping over a targeted area. FurrFighters are available in gloves and furniture brushes and a clever pocket sized. They clean the pet hair off any hard surface, and work like a charm not only on cats and dogs, but car seats, blankets, and more and a firm tap allows for quick and easy disposal. Check out their website for details and more!

Iggy’s Doughboys & Chowderhouse

www.iggysri.com | 401-737-2895

If you’ve spent a fair amount of time in The Ocean State, you likely know about Iggy’s Doughboys & Chowderhouse. They’re a casual, family friendly restaurant serving sandwiches, chowder, fried clams, and fish platters. Iggy’s doughboys are best described as a fritter and they’re a very popular side dish. They can be served plain or sprinkled with powdered sugar or sugar and cinnamon for dessert. As for the chowder, it’s available in both red and white varieties, as well as Rhode Island style (clear). Everything on the menu is inexpensive and served promptly – a great place for a fun meal! If you can’t get to Iggy’s, they’ve just instituted an online store where you can order gift baskets, novelty items, clam cake mix, Iggy’s chopped clams, doughboys, and more.

Stella Marie Soap Company

www.stellamariesoap.com | 617-803-8622

Stella Marie Soap Company has been delivering handmade soap to the world since 2007. Located in Warren, they make a wide variety of soaps for both women and men. Their soap is environmentally friendly with no emulsifiers or artificial ingredients like most mass produced soap. Most unique are their fruit and vegetable soaps. Choose from Cucumber Slumber, Banana Smoothie, Avocado Dreaming, Tropical Rescue, and more. Stella Marie Soap also offers massage bars, body scrubs, gift sets, and a line called Rhode Island Bath and Body. This line features soaps and lip balms inspired by some of the state’s favorites. You’ll find a soap called “Home Brewed”, made with Rhode Island brewed coffee and Autocrat Coffee Syrup, and “Last Call”, a beer based soap made with the iconic Narragansett Lager! Visit their website to see all their unique bath and body products!

North Light Fibers

www.northlightfibers.com | 401-466-2050

North Light Fibers is a Micro Yarn Mill that produces high quality handcrafted minimally processed yarns made 100% on Block Island! They hand weave and knit garments and home decor items from hand made yarn. Among their many truly local products are baby blankets, throw rugs, hats, gloves, and other knit and woven items. Several sizes and colors of rugs, throws, and place mats are available. Any would look great in your home! Click through to their website to learn more about their products as well as Block Island.

Silk Tree Farm

www.silktreefarm.com | 401-207-9474

Located in Little Compton, this sustainable farm pasture raises a variety of goats, chickens, and hogs on property that is under a conservation easement with the Nature Conservatory. They believe in heritage breed conservation, sustainability, conserving our food system, and raising happy healthy animals. Silk Tree Farm offers goat milk soap bars in various scents, including peppermint, sandalwood, and eucalyptus mint among others. They also offer an enticing collection of soy wax candles, poured right on the farm and featuring a burn time of 80 hours each. Ideal as a Rhode Island made gift! Check out their site for all the details and place an order today!

Peter Pots Pottery

Peter Pots Pottery was founded in 1948 by Oliver and Elizabeth Greene while students at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Housed in Glen Rock Mill in West Kingston, Peter Pots Pottery has become a beloved Rhode Island gem. The company creates beautifully handcrafted stoneware, each unique and hand signed with the words "Peter Pots': Every piece of high-fired stoneware is fully handcrafted from start to finish. And they craft just about any thing you can imagine, from platters and bowls to lamps and hanging planters. They come in three classic colors - Seagull Blue, Mahogany Brown, and Spruce Green. Visit their website to see all the pieces they have available or stop by their showroom the next time you're in southern Rhode Island - you'll be glad you did!

Shore Soap Company

A handcrafted bath and body brand, established in 2013 in Newport, Rhode Island by husband and wife duo Jake and Steph Kopper. Shore Soap Co. channels their inspiration from the sea to create quality products that portray nature and simplicity. With a wide range of natural nutrient-packed products to choose from a variety of fragrances, there's something for everyone. Choose from bath bars with a nautical Rhode Island theme like Beach Buds and Changing Tide. Their goal was to create high-end goods using natural premium ingredients while also keeping them affordable. Shore Soap Co. products can be found at their flagship retail location, online and in over 90 independent retail shops!

Glee Gum

www.gleegum.com | 401-351-6415

Right inside the city of Providence, Glee Gum has been making a name for itself as an award-winning natural chewing gum line. Packaged in recyclable material and made with chicle, a tree sap harvested sustainably from the rainforest of Central America. Once all chewing gum was made with chicle, but today most gum is made entirely from synthetic stuff. Glee Gum is completely natural - no preservatives, aspartame, artificial flavorings, or colorings.
Glee Gum, along with Glee Gum Pops and Make Your Own Candy Kits, are products of Verve. Verve is an independent, certified woman-owned business, dedicated to linking world communities and creating environmentally and socially responsible products. Visit their website today to find a store near you!

Awful Awful's

The Awful Awful is an ultra-thick milkshake with ice milk that makes the difference. "It's a drink!" explains the advertising copy. Today the Awful Awful is the signature drink of Newport Creamery, it was during the 1940s that Bond's, a New Jersey ice cream maker, concocted a recipe for a milkshake that used ice milk and syrup. One customer chugged the 24 oz. drink and said it was "awful big and awful good:' Hence the name Awful Awful. Today you can get a 32 oz. Awful Awful aka a quart of milkshake, with 519 calories. Since 2009, Newport Creamery has offered 'lwful Awful Mondays" and extends into the late summer months.

Loyal 9 Cocktails

South Kingstown's Loyal 9 Cocktails, produced in Rhode Island by Sons of Liberty Beer & Spirits Co., unveiled a new look for the summer season. These vodka-based canned craft cocktails are 9% ABV and available in three core flavors: Loyal 9 Lemonade, Loyal 9 Half & Half and Loyal 9 Mixed Berry Lemonade, all gluten-free and produced with real fruit. The 12-ounce cans are sold in four-packs and are now distributed in RI, MA, CT, NH and ME. Visit www.loyal9cocktails.com to find 4-packs near you!

Pizza Strips

Pizza strips, as they're called here, are simply a thick doughy base-almost like a focaccia bread-slathered with fresh tomato sauce and baked in large trays. Sometimes there's a hint of rosemary or basil or a dusting of parmesan cheese, and there can be other toppings, but that's essentially it. Yes, it's more like "tomato bread" than anything resembling pizza, but don't get hung up on the name. Long a staple of local kids' birthday parties and cookouts, pizza strips are fun, on-the-go food-and pretty satisfying when fresh and well made.

The Fair Lead

www.thefairlead.com | 401-924-3435

Here’s a clever Rhode Island company making useful accessories for your favorite pup! The Fair Lead creates dog leashes and collars made from marine grade rope designed to stand up to even the most boisterous pooch. Available in many different colors and sizes, these handsome collars and leashes will have your dog as the talk of the boardwalk and beach! The Fair Lead’s leashes are practically indestructible, having a minimum breaking strength of 3,300 pounds and up to 7,000 pounds. They’re eco-friendly too – the rope materials are sourced and produced locally. Each leash and collar is affixed with sturdy bronze hardware that won’t rust, even in the worst of weather. And for those of you with more than one dog, The Fair Lead makes Double Doggie Coupler leashes to handle two dogs at once! These leashes feature a swivel snap to prevent your two pals from getting tangled up while you walk. These leashes and collars are a great gift for a Rhode Island dog lover!

Nantucket Bound

www.nantucketbound.com | 800-969-5873

Nantucket Bound® is a New England based company founded in 1997 by Chris Degnan. The company began producing a line of off-shore sport fishing tackle bags and boating accessories which continues to grow to this day. In 2010, Chris’ passion for all things coastal led the company into the home décor industry with a line of coastal-inspired pillows and home goods. Many of the products feature Sunbrella® fabrics which are known for their durability, color choices, and incredible quality. In addition they add their own unique artistry through colorful embroidery; capturing the coastal essence. Door draft stoppers, all purpose totes, and firewood carriers are among the company’s other products, all of which you can view and order on their website or shop in retail shops throughout New England. Nantucket Bound® provides great gifts for anyone who loves coastal life, directly from the Ocean State!

Sea Glass Boutique

Etsy Boutique | Newport, Rhode Island

Rhode Island is known as The Ocean State, so it stands to reason talented artists would rise to the forefront to create jewelry out of sea glass from the coastal areas. Sea glass
is broken pieces of glass washed up from the ocean. Many pieces of sea glass have been smoothed and polished by years of surf and sand before they ever hit the beach. They’re as beautiful as gemstones and look stunning when made into earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more which is exactly Sea Glass Boutique does. In addition to Flori Nelon owning her own shop in the iconic seaside resort town, Newport, she operates an Etsy store called Sea Glass Boutique. There you’ll see beautiful pieces of sea glass jewelry, each ready to be shipped directly to you or the doorstep of your gift recipient.

Legend’s Creek Farm

Legend’s Creek Farm is the prime example of a successful Rhode Island farm business. Founded in 2011 as a handmade goat milk soap manufacturer, Legend’s Creek Farm has since increased its product line and moved to a larger farm location in Foster, Rhode Island. Legend’s Creek Farm goat milk soap and goat milk lotions are made from only the best natural ingredients, which include goat milk right from the goats on the farm. Legend’s Creek Farm herbal salves herbal treatments, with a new line of CBD salves, are made with real organic herbal ingredients. No imitation oils are used in these salves. Find out for yourself why Legend’s Creek Farm products have fans all over the world.

Dave’s Coffee Syrup

You’ve got to have some good coffee syrup — and a lot of guts ­— to crack the market in coffee-crazed Rhode Island. Dave’s has done just that. We locals were indoctrinated into the coffee cult at an early age, usually by a parent or grandparent who showed us how to achieve the perfect ratio of syrup to milk. Dave’s uses the same care in their syrups that goes into their well-sourced coffees. They use only natural ingredients. No high fructose corn syrup here, just tremendous flavor. The vanilla version is a hit with our nephews and we love the mocha. You will get that unique authentic flavor that will lead more generations to love our state drink.

Yacht Club Soda

For almost a 100 years now, Yacht Club Soda has been making cola in its Centerdale location. It has become, quite literally, an institution. It’s the official soda of the state of Rhode Island, and they feature around 30 flavors. It is another product that eschews high fructose corn syrup in favor of the more costly sugar. Classic cola and diet cola are featured alongside the old-school classics birch beer and cream soda. They are clean-tasting because of the lack of additives. You can purchase it at local supermarkets such East Side Marketplace or at great local spots like Nick’s on Broadway. Get one of Nick’s Blackbird Farm burgers with a Yacht Club and keep it local all the way around!

Supreme Dairy Farms

Founded in Rhode Island in 1932 by Thomas Bruzzese, an Italian immigrant from one of the cheese making centers of the world, Calabria, Italy. For many years, the Bruzzese family developed a cheese making tradition in Rhode Island meticulously following old world recipes and techniques. For over 85 years Supreme Dairy Farms has been a part of family meals for generations, providing the best, freshest ingredients to your family’s table.

Aquidneck Honey

Founded in 1996 by Jeff Beeman, in Newport, Rhode Island. Jeff was inspired by his grandfather who was an immigrant from Portugal and an incredible gardner. Growing up Jeff spent weekends and afternoons landscaping and gardening. Now there are more than 300 Aquidneck Honey hives, all still hand-built, placed in farm locations around Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Each hive colony has approximately 80,000 bees. With a little attention to making sure they have enough space and good flowering plants around, those are 80,000 happy worker bees.

Tito’s Cantina Salsa

Founded in Rhode Island in 1989 by partners Rich Reavis and Vince Arcello, and opened Tito’s in Middletown, RI. Over the years Tito’s has become famous for its home style chips, salsa and other specialty products. Tito’s Brands has been the sole distribution company of Tito’s Specialty products. Tito’s Brands distributes all natural specialty Mexican products made with organic corn, and other fine ingredients. Their products are kosher, gluten free, NON GMO verified, certified vegan, and a good source of fiber and whole grains.

Del’s Frozen Lemonade

Founded in Rhode Island in 1840 by Franco DeLucia, who brought the recipe to Cranston, RI from Naples, Italy. Grandfather Franco DeLucia brought his father’s frozen lemonade recipe
to America at the turn of the century. Angelo DeLucia, his son, began work on a machine to produce the frozen lemonade, and on a method of making it a consistently excellent product. In 1948, Del’s Frozen Lemonade acquired its name and became the sole product sold at a little stand in Cranston, Rhode Island. Soon, Angelo had designed the first mobile units in order to serve anywhere in the state.

Kenyon’s Johnny Cake Corn Meal

Founded in Rhode Island, along the banks of the Queen’s River in the village of Usquepaugh, the oldest manufacturing business in Rhode Island, and the second oldest continuously operating business in the state. C.D. Kenyon, who purchased the mill in 1909, saw the potential for selling ground meal. He began to brand it in sacks with the Kenyon name and made it available to everyone. In 1916, the company bought a Model T truck, which made it possible to satisfy the growing demand for Johnny Cake Meal, which extended the entire state of Rhode Island, and parts of Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Autocraft Coffee Syrup

Founded in the 1930s, and in 1991, the firm acquired Eclipse, a coffee syrup manufacturer, after which is become the sole manufacturer of coffee syrup in the United States. Coffee milk has become part of Rhode Island folklore and has received local, regional, and national media attention as a uniquely Rhode Island taste “sensation.” On July 13, 1993 coffee milk earned more than just the title of “hometown brew” when the State Legislature voted to make coffee milk the Official State Drink of Rhode Island.

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