2 Local Small Business Owners | 2 Best Friends

By November 4, 2019automotive, Inside Rhody

From first grade to now, Ronnie Morency and Steve Filippou have shared everything, from holiday meals to tips & secrets on how to run a small business in Rhode Island. Although their businesses are in different industries, Ronnie owning Ronnie’s Professional Services and Steve owning Twisted Pizza, these two entrepreneurs continue to share the same love for friendships, family, hobbies and cars.

On their unusual time off from running their businesses you can find Ronnie in his 2006 Mustang GT Convertible and Steve in his 2005 Mustang GT Convertible going out for a cruise with their families. Ronnie’s 2006 Mustang has been completely customized, including methanol injection, a Saleen supercharger, performance cams, coil packs and more. The car is pushing about 675 HP at the crank and about 460 HP at the rear wheels. This Mustang has about 13,000 original miles from when Ronnie bought the car from Flood Ford. Steve’s 2005 Mustang has a Vortech Supercharger, a water intercooler, ported heads, headers, methanol injection, GT500 suspension and more. The engine is actually a 5.0 liter stroker. For power, this Mustang is making about 800 HP from the motor, and about 675 to the rear wheels. Steve bought the car pre-owned with about 14,000 miles, and the car only has 19,000 miles on it now. This car was also originally from Flood Ford. While our team was interviewing both Steve and Ronnie, it was easy to hear and see their passion for these two cars. Their dedication to their sport translates into running a successful business in a small state.

The smaller the market the bigger the competition… and with Rhode Island being the smallest state, both businesses have faced individual growing pains that not many other states have to face. Like their cars, they put every piece of what they’ve got into making sure their customers are satisfied. 

Aside from keeping their current customers happy, they gain new ones mostly by word-of-mouth and recommendations. “Your business succeeds based on who you know.” Fortunately, since Ronnie and Steve are such good friends and not in competition, they are able to share a network of loyal Rhode Island customers.

Running an entire business is not your typical 9-5 job, but somehow they make it work, and they do it while juggling their busy lives back at home. They have formed a friendship over the years that you don’t see often. From going camping with their wives and kids to spending their weekends together, they are lucky to have each other as a support system throughout all their milestones in life. They are also lucky to count on one another when they want to go for a ride in their Mustang’s!

To learn more about Twisted Pizza, visit https://gettwistedpizza.com/.

To learn more about Ronnie’s Professional Services, visit https://www.pumpitoutri.com/.

We would also like to say a special thank you to Flood Ford in East Greenwich for letting us use their facility while performing the front cover shoot and gathering the article information. Flood Ford is a strong supporter of small business in the Ocean State, as well

as a strong supporter of incredible, custom cars like  these two Mustangs.

Photography provided by Michelle Lee Photography