Show your furry friend some love this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a time for showing the people we love just how much we care. It is not a surprise that our pets make the top of that list! Our furry friends are always up for a snuggle, they know when to be there for you at the worst and best of times and you can see how much they adore you every day!

Here are some ways that you can share your appreciation for your four-legged companion:

1. Buy them a new toy.

If your pet’s toys are looking chewed and ripped, this is the best time to go out and spoil them rotten! Replace their old toys with new ones that can easily entertain them.

2. Spa day!

After letting them enjoy the outdoors, give your pet a little TLC. Give them a grooming session (with lots of treats of course!). Give them a refreshing bath, a loving comb-out and maybe even sneak in a massage or two! Your pet will look fresh and feel fabulous, with a healthy coat!

3. Bring them on a long walk.

If your pet’s version of an ideal day involves chasing a tennis ball at your local park, take him! Enjoy this quality time together!

4. Give them all the scratches & belly rubs they want.

We can all agree that our pet has a special spot that they love being scratched. Whether that is on their belly or under their chin, give them all the scratches today to keep them extra happy!

5. Bake them a healthy treat.

Valentine’s Day is filled with sweet treats from your loved one, so why not cook up something special for your pet? Go out and purchase a cheap heart shaped cookie cutter, and look up an easy peanut butter or pumpkin dog treat recipe! There is nothing quite like a homemade treat made with love.

6. Set them up for a flea-free year!

Fleas and ticks don’t take the day off, unfortunately, and February into spring can be their busiest time of year. Make sure your pet is protected. Diamond Hill Animal Clinic offers a wide variety of safe flea & tick preventatives for your pet. Contact them at 401-658-0751 if you have any questions or visit their website to learn more.

7. Always remember to keep your house pet safe!

As many of us know, Valentine’s Day is a day filled with chocolates, candy, flowers and candles. Make sure your own treats are out of your pets reach, make sure you check to see if your plant or bouquet of flowers is safe for pets, and don’t forget to blow out any candles before leaving the house!

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