As small as Rhode Island may be, it is filled with a rich history and must-see scenic views! Whether you’re residing here, or just passing through, experience what this beautiful Ocean State has to offer with these 5 tourist attractions.

Newport Cliff Walk
Newport, RI
Enjoy the peaceful sites of the shoreline on your left, and the architectural masterpieces of the Newport mansions to your right. This pubic walking path stretches 3.5 miles, providing breathtaking views wherever you look!

Roger William’s Park Zoo
Providence, RI
Home to more than 160 species of animals, Roger Williams Park Zoo is a family-favorite activity here in RI! Learn and interact with animals from around the world in their 40-acre zoo, or experience New England’s largest public indoor display gardens in their Botanical Center. Explore the world’s nature and life at Roger William’s Park Zoo!

Beavertail State Park
Jamestown, RI
Whether you’re looking to hike, or just seeking out scenic views, Beavertail State Park attracts RI residents and tourists year-round. With its rich history of being the third premier lighthouse built in the country, the park also operates a Lighthouse Museum, where you can learn of its significance from 1749 to the present day.

Federal Hill
Providence, RI
Federal Hill is teeming with great history, great entertainment, and great food! Heavily influenced by Italian-American settlers, this strip is known for having the best restaurants for genuine Italian cuisine. Whether you’re looking to explore history in the day-time or enjoy the nightlife entertainment, Federal Hill is always a local favorite!

Coffee Milk
Last, but certainly not least, if your traveling through Rhode Island you need to try a tall, cold glass of our coffee milk! Coffee syrup mixed perfectly with milk, and you get the official drink of the Ocean State. Visit to read about its history, and stop into a local diner to try deliciousness yourself.

These attractions are just the beginning of what Rhode Island has to offer! We hope you enjoy some of our favorite activities that keep us loving the Ocean State.

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