Nestled in the heart of Lincoln, Fundati Coffee serves more than just coffee, it offers a unique experience to those who journey through its doors. The shop’s name, “Fundati” comes from the Latin word meaning “to be grounded; stable.” Not only do the coffee beans Fundati brews and serves come from the ground, its owner, Alicia, has created a space where visitors can feel grounded—a place to “Find Your Fundati.”

The business is founded upon four main pillars: experience, quality, community, and sustainability. Fundati is dedicated to serving high-quality products and delivering a premium coffee experience. They use fresh ingredients that they small-batch cook, bake, and prepare on-site to provide wholesome food and beverage options, and this coffee shop even features a pour-over bar. Although the pour-over method of brewing coffee requires more time and care than typical large batch approaches, it allows Fundati to achieve an unparalleled standard of quality and flavor. This technique eliminates the bitterness and acidity that often accompanies large-batch brews. At Fundati, each and every cup is brewed on-the-spot, in a small batch, just for you.

In addition to offering a range of coffee products and refreshing beverages, Fundati’s kitchen serves up a variety of delicious food products. Whether you are craving a fresh-baked good like a handheld waffle, breakfast like their burrito, or a wholesome bowl like their salads or overnight oats, they have a variety of options all made fresh on site. Craving a cocktail and nice atmosphere by evening? Fundati is also open Friday and Saturday from 5 – 9 pm for specialty cocktails, wine & beer, charcuterie, and appetizers. If you thought it couldn’t get better, there is always live music during their evenings! Stay tuned for spring and summer as they expand seating into their outdoor patio.

A major part of the inspiration for the business stemmed from a desire to create a space where those within the community could gather and feel grounded, together. The team at Fundati is not merely driven by a passion for the products, they genuinely care about their customers. Owner, Alicia, wants guests to feel comfortable, content, and satisfied during their time at Fundati. She wants people to come to Fundati for more than just a cup of coffee or a quick bite, she aims to offer guests a happy place—a space that brings a sense of zen, positivity, and joy to everyone who walks through its doors.

Fundati holds sustainability near-and-dear. From production to distribution, the Fundati team ensures that each part of their business operates in an eco-conscious way. By roasting our beans on-site with the Bellwether, the only zero-emission coffee roaster in the state, sourcing environmentally-friendly materials, relying on a small-batch production process, and composting, Fundati weaves sustainability into all of their practices.

With high-quality ingredients, a community-oriented mission, and a passion for sustainability, Fundati delivers a unique experience that you cannot find at just any ordinary coffee shop. Next time you seek to feel grounded, come on down to Fundati. There is nothing like a delicious cup of coffee paired with good conversation and good music to help you find your zen. Follow Fundati on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about the Fundati Coffee experience.

Fundati Coffee
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Monday – Friday: 7am – 3pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8am – 3pm
1525 Old Louisquisset Pike,
Lincoln, RI 02865

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