Protect Your Summer Toys With The Lawrence Agency

If these past few weeks are any indication, the warm weather is officially here – and that’s when summer toys come out. Cruising the open roads, camping out in the countryside, shredding through sand dunes, and sailing the coast are staple summer pastimes. They can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to make sure you’re protected. Accidents can cost a pretty penny, and without insurance, you can face a financial burden that’ll dampen your summer fun.

But insurance doesn’t have to be a hassle! The right plan should provide the coverage you need, without holding you back from doing what you love. That’s where The Lawrence Agency comes in. Whether you’re looking to hit the open roads, the open seas, or anything in between – The Lawrence Agency has got you covered.

Their licensed agents can advise you on what type of coverage is appropriate based on the type of vehicle, where the vehicle is registered, and where you’ll travel. So you can save money, and get the coverage you need to put your mind more at ease.

The Lawrence Agency is proud to be Veteran-owned and operated with a long lineage of military and insurance service from WWII to Vietnam to Operation New Dawn. For three generations, the Lawrence family has been committed to helping individuals, families, and businesses be protected – operating with honesty and integrity.

So for those of you looking to take the road less traveled this summer, you can count on The Lawrence Agency to have your back.

Call 401-726-3210 today for a no-obligation review of your insurance needs today!

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