Manic Training: Not Your Average Gym

No mirrors? At a gym? Some people might be doubtful of this proposition, but Manic Training, with locations in East Greenwich and Wakefield, isn’t afraid to turn the idea of what a “normal gym” is on it’s head. Operating off the motto “Ready for Life”, Manic Training wants customers to be prepared and ready to take on whatever life throws at them.

“No mirrors, no egos”
Welcoming the most avid fitness lovers and exercise newbies, Manic Training runs core-focused HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) programs and classes that are designed to be extremely effective at improving your athleticism and making you feel your best while also providing a fun and non-judgmental environment. Unlike most gyms, you won’t see a single mirror when you walk into a Manic Training facility. MT uses the mantra “no mirrors, no egos!” and wants you to focus on just yourself and YOUR mindset, rather than worrying about what others are thinking.

Team Players
Manic Training combine elements of strength, cardio, agility, and core to maximize and optimize the best possible workout for their customers in their hour-long classes. Each class consists of 10 minutes of warmup, 5 minutes of setup, and 45 minutes of full-on movement. Classes are led by qualified instructors who provide guidance, encouragement, and motivation as well as customized modifications for those who have limitations or who want a bit more of a challenge. Participants can choose their own intensity level and amount of weight, allowing for a one-of-a-kind experience where brand new Manic customers can train alongside those who have been attending for years. The classes are non-competitive and community-oriented, giving attendees the opportunity to feel like a team rather than competitors.

Big Changes
Manic Training knows that your time is valuable – which is why the full Manic Training program consists of 3 classes a week (just a 3-hour commitment!). Manic prides themselves on their classes always beginning and ending right on time, which means whether you’re a busy parent or a workaholic – you’ll always have time for Manic! The results are worth it, too – participants often see an increase in core strength, muscle gain, and weight loss in addition to changes in agility and mental focus. Manic Training’s philosophy – that it’s not just what you do inside the gym that matters most, but also what you can do outside the gym because of it – surely rings true!

Manic Training is a gym that welcomes all, is dedicated to your personal fitness goals, and provides results. If you are interested in getting “Ready for Life”, the Manic Training teams in East Greenwich and Wakefield are waiting! To sign up for classes, you can call 401-741-5106 or visit their website –

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