3 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

The best part of the holiday season? Giving back, of course! Whether it’s a monetary donation, an act of service, or even just a nice gesture, giving back will make you feel warm inside, even with the dropping temperatures.

1) Monetary Donations
Do you have a particular organization that means a lot to you? Think about sending a monetary or gift donation to help them carry out their mission. No donation is too small – from $5 to $500, donations are treasured no matter what the amount. From helping out armed forces to putting together a gift box for less fortunate children, giving back is rewarding in more ways than one, consider doing your part and make a donation this holiday season.

2) Volunteer Your Time
Taking the time to volunteer at a local charity is a great way to spread positivity as the holidays approach. Volunteers are needed everywhere – especially during a time like this. We recommend picking a day or two out of your calendar to make a trip to your favorite charitable organization with your family to help out in any way you’re needed. Whether it’s a soup kitchen, an animal shelter, or even your public library, your assistance will definitely be appreciated – and you’ll feel pretty amazing afterward, too!

3) Simple Acts of Kindness
Giving back doesn’t have to be monetary or time-consuming. In fact, random acts of kindness are some of the most simple AND rewarding ways to spread the holiday cheer. Do you have a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while or is going through a particularly difficult time? Send them a quick text letting them know they’re in your thoughts. Hold a door open for the person behind you as you head into the office. Help a shopper with their hands full carry their bags to their car after your next trip to the grocery store. The possibilities are endless.

Interested in giving back? Check out these three local non-profit organizations that are well-loved and cherished by all of Little Rhody:

Amos House

  • Founded in 1976, Amos House has been a mainstay in Rhode Island for decades. Not only is Amos House RI’s largest soup kitchen, the organization also provides job training and various social service programs. To find out how you can help, visit www.amoshouse.com.

Rhode Island Community Food Bank

  • Did you know that 1 in 4 of RI households lack adequate foods? The Rhode Island Food Bank is on a mission to end hunger in Rhode Island by distributing food, funds, and food education to those who need it. To learn how you can participate in making sure every Rhode Islander has a full stomach, visit their website at www.rifoodbank.org .

Potter League for Animals

  • The Potter League for Animals has one mission: to enrich lives and promote the humane treatment of animals. With multiple locations in RI, the Potter League for Animals shelters and helps place unaccompanied animals to healthy homes, educates the community about the humane treatment of animals, provides community support programs for all pet owners in RI, and strives to expand access to veterinary care for companion animals. To see how you can help in this mission, visit www.potterleague.com.
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