Find the Perfect Tree for Your Family

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, which means it’s almost time to gather the family to make the trip to a nearby Christmas Tree Farm and pick the tree you will be decorating this Christmas!

Henry’s Christmas Tree Farms

A member of the Rhode Island Christmas Tree Growers Association, take a trip to Hope, RI to browse from a selection of balsam and spruce trees of all shapes and sizes! Henry’s Christmas Trees is located at 352 Seven Mile Rd, Hope, RI. Stop by before business starts booming!

Lockwood Christmas Tree Farm

This tree farm is located in Greenville RI, and offers various types of hand-trimmed trees, as well as other items such as firewood, and tasty goodies. Browse their selection with your family, and even bring your dog! Stop by the farm, at 129 Austin Ave, Greenville, RI 02828

Nagetuck Farms

Located in Tiverton, RI, Nagetuck is a family-owned farm! What better place to purchase a Christmas tree than one centralized on family! After looking for that perfect tree, take a stroll to their gift shop and browse the various selections of wreaths and other goodies. Come by 97 South Lake Rd, Tiverton.

Butterfly Farm

Butterfly Farm in Lincoln is home to 50 Acres of Christmas Trees. With this large selection, you are bound to find the perfect tree for your family! Ranging from Douglas Fir to White Spruce, they have it all! Visit this farm located at 679 Great Rd, Lincoln.

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