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There is no better way to go into the New Year than with a positive mindset on how you can change your long term health. You hear many people around you talk about how their resolution for 2020 is going to be to “lose 20 pounds”, but as many already know, it is a very challenging commitment that many fail to follow through with.

HealthWay RI is your comprehensive, individualized weight management resource. They understand that not every body is the same and not every body responds to identical programs or solutions. Instead, they work with each of their patients, understand their challenges and find a treatment plan that works best with their body type. You will lose weight, and quite possibly never find it again!

The team at HealthWay RI sticks by your side every step of the way and all around is the greatest support system. Although it might feel like you have tried everything, the dietitians promise a realistic, effective, long term and very affordable solution for every patient that walks through the doors! Getting help isn’t taking the easy route to success, it’s a necessary step.

This is only the beginning of your best year and best body yet! To help you reach your personal health goals, give HealthWay RI a call today 401-228-6010 and schedule a FREE consultation with one of their registered dietitians. They can help you stay on track to living a forever lasting, healthy lifestyle.

Discover Natural Healing Jewels

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Gift a Stunning Conversation Piece

What started as a one time gift in 2014 quickly turned into a full time job and passion
for Dr. Hannah Hershoff of Sara Yo Spiritual Healing Jewelry. Hannah grew up in the southeast region China, her father managed a mine where the Kaolin mineral was harvested. Years later she had a piece of the Kaolin, or “China clay,” in her possession and her sister-in-law commented on it’s beauty, Hannah gifted the stone to her in the form of a beautiful homemade bracelet. After a few weeks of wearing the bracelet, her sister-in-law called her to say she felt an overwhelming sense of calmness and peace while wearing the bracelet. Hannah knew she was onto something. After testing more of her bracelets on women of varying ages and backgrounds she saw the same results! That’s when she decided to leave her steady career as an eye surgeon and enter the entrepreneurial world of jewelry making.

Dr. Hannah practiced as an ophthalmologist in China, holding M.D and Ph.D. degrees in Medical Science, plus 25 years of medical practice and research in large hospitals, Harvard Medical School, and a major pharmaceutical company. She believes her steady surgeon’s hands allow her to create such intricate pieces of jewelry. All Sara Yo pieces are hand crafted by Hannah and her team right here in Rhode Island. Aside from being beautifully crafted, Sara Yo Jewelry contains five healing elements, gifting its wearers with a sense of harmony and balance just days after they start to wear it.

The five elements are Fire, Water, Wood, Earth, and Metal, which are understood to be the five aggregates that comprise the world. According to ancient Chinese medicine, these elements heal people with physical and emotional illnesses. Looking for a guide through your spiritual healing journey? Your experience with Hannah doesn’t stop after the purchase of Sara Yo Jewelry, with every piece purchased, Hannah will provide information and tools to guide it’s wearers to achieve the best healing results.

Hannah credits herself with having a “good eye” when it comes to design for her pieces — I couldn’t agree more! Despite having no formal design training, Hannah puts together jewelry that bring the five elements from Earth together into gorgeous, harmonious, pieces of wearable art. Hannah is working hard releasing new designs almost every month. With so many unique designs available, there is bound to be a perfect piece for everyone’s collection! Sara Yo Spiritual Healing Jewelry is available in 15 stores across New England, visit to find the store closest to you!

RIBSTF Has Helping Rhode Island on the Brain

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The Rhode Island Brain and Spine Tumor Foundation (RIBSTF) was established in February of 2008, due to a rise of concern that Rhode Island patients and their families receive too little support when facing the daunting task of navigating the news of a potential brain or spine tumor of themselves or a loved one. We asked some questions to find out all of the ways the RIBSTF is helping Rhode Island families.

Q. What is the main objective of the RIBSTF?

A. The RIBSTF’s mission is to increase brain and spine tumor awareness and to provide support to patients, families, and providers through education and research.

Q. How does the foundation go about achieving these goals?

A. The RIBSTF hosts a monthly complimentary support group in Providence led by a licensed clinical social worker. We provide information and support for brain and spine tumor patients, their caregivers and their loved ones in a relaxed setting and on occasion we may have a guest speaker who may be able to provide helpful information and discuss topics such as estate planning, or a new treatment.

We host a complimentary “Ask the Experts” event, where several physicians, specialists, and professionals gather and provide information to patients loved ones and caregivers concerning brain and spine tumors. Our experts are professionals and specialists representing a comprehensive care team a patient would encounter during treatment for this diagnosis.

Lastly, RIBSTF hosts various fundraisers throughout the year. Our signature fundraisers are Brainstorming for a Cause and the Faces of Hope Gala-Raising Brain & Spine Tumor Awareness. All proceeds support our foundation and raise money for the Scott Wang Patient Assistance Fund and the Caroline Caprio Giving Fund.

Q. How do small businesses help assist RIBSTF?

A. Small local businesses help us raise awareness. Many small businesses have been extremely generous in assisting us by providing donations for our fundraisers and giving us discounts for items such as printing materials. We would like to continue engaging our small local businesses as well as the local larger businesses to help us raise awareness.

Q. What are the goals for the foundation moving forward?

A. Our goal is to continue to grow our foundation and to speak to our mission. RIBSTF wishes to help local patients who have been diagnosed with a brain or spine tumor. We are preparing to launch our Dr. Scott Wang Patient Assistance Fund this year and continue to work on developing the Caroline Caprio Giving Fund.

Q. With over 10 years of service what has the impact of RIBSTF been on the Rhode Island community?

A. RIBSTF is proud to be able to help those who have been diagnosed and be able to assist patients financially and emotionally. As the foundation grows, we are able to raise more awareness and provide resources to help patients cope with their diagnosis.

If you or someone you know is interested in the services of RISBTF please contact them by calling (401) 272-4177 or visiting