Dream Builders Financial Services

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At Dream Builders Financial Services, one of the main tools to success is having one-on-one communication with clients. The personal connection that is formed is an essential part of assisting their clients in the best way possible, and they provide their clients with a financial plan that is specific to their needs.

Whether it is in regards to Social Security, life insurance, or the new IRA, Dream Builders Financial Services will assist you with all your questions as well as promise to prioritize your needs. Their team isn’t a computerized voice or an app on your phone. They are real people that are able to communicate with you by following a system comprised of five steps. They begin with a 15-minute phone call, where the client explains their situation and Dream Builders will determine if they can assist. If they are able to, they will then set up a virtual meeting call, where your financial needs and goals are established. The team analyzes your financial situation using their top-notch expertise. After this, there is a second virtual meeting, where they answer your questions and begin forming your financial plan. After hearing your custom plan, you can decide whether working with Dream Builders will be beneficial. Remember, their top-notch team helps you plan your life, not only your money.

If you’re interested in meeting with Dream Builders Financial Services, visit their website at or call (401) 241-6693. They will be thrilled to lend a helping hand for your financial needs.

Tips To Help Your Trees Thrive

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Keep your trees green and growing STRONG all summer long!

Follow these tips to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful….

  1. Inspect

While your trees are back in full bloom, now is the perfect time to conduct a proper inspection. Inspecting your trees ensures that they are receiving the proper amount of care and nutrients while avoiding pest damage and disease. Check the condition of the leaves on your trees, making sure they are not an abnormal color or shape. Evaluate the trunk and branches of the tree for visible insects, holes, and irregular growth.

  1. Prune

Pruning your trees is essential for their continued healthy growth! Removing unnecessary or damaged branches will relieve your tree of excess weight, spreading disease, and improve its overall appearance.

  1. Mulch

Mulching around the base of your trees does not only present beautifully in your yard, but it also provides great benefits to the health of your trees. Mulch acts as a barrier for weed growth, regulates the ground temperature in the hot summer sun, and retains moisture at your tree’s base to maintain hydration.

  1. Hydrate

Keep your trees hydrated during the summer heat! Your trees should be getting 10 gallons of water for each inch of the trunk’s diameter. To further boost growth and hydration retention, apply the water deeper into the tree’s base, rather than on the surface.

  • Tip: Watering your trees early in the morning or later in the evening will allow the tree to better soak up the water before the heat hits!

If you have any questions regarding tree maintenance or services, count on the experts at Mike’s Professional Tree Service!

The Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

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What do you get when you combine warm summer nights, the ambiance of a roaring fire, and picturesque landscaping? A personal escape right in your backyard!

The best part about a backyard project is you can make it as unique and elaborate as your imagination (and budget) will allow! Here are a few things to consider when designing your backyard oasis:

  • Who will you share this space with? If it’s just an intimate space for you and your family, a small seating area should suffice. For entertaining guests at large gatherings consider creating an outdoor kitchen featuring a wrap-around bar.
  • When will you spend time in your space? If you envision spending Sunday afternoons in the warm sun you may want to add some shade with a pergola or awning. If summer nights are your go-to, ambient lighting is a must! Opt for hanging bistro lights or solar-powered lights to illuminate your walkway.
  • Do you want ongoing maintenance? If you enjoy the labor of love that is maintaining your landscape then opt for plenty of plants and grass. If you prefer a low-maintenance set up consider installing a large patio. The same goes for choosing your materials! Wood needs care every few years, such as repairing rot and restaining while vinyl will last a lifetime maintenance-free.
  • Do you want to tend to a fire? Some people love the process of building the perfect campfire, but if ease of use is more your speed, opt for a propane firepit.
  • Know your yard! If you have a septic system, make sure you do not compromise it by building on it. If you have low spots in your yard that tend to collect water, avoid building there and do not build in an area that will promote drainage towards your home.

Ready to start your backyard transformation? Contact the experts at Outdoor Escapes, they make outdoor living easy!


112 Old Pocasset Road
Johnston, RI 02919


Phone: 401-942-8857
Fax: 401-946-4144


Mon–Fri: 8:30am – 6pm
Sat: 9am – 12pm

Proscape – Nature’s Workforce

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Landscape Construction

Services Include

  • Firepits
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Hardscape Installation
  • Brick Paving
  • Retaining Walls
  • Boulder and Outcropping Walls
  • Concrete Installation and Management
  • Shoreline Stabilization
  • Water Relocation and Drainage
  • Site Grading
  • Turf Renovations
  • Waterfalls
  • Landscape Lighting

Image—and curb appeal—is everything. We know that the way your property looks is intrinsically linked to its value.
Proscape’s team has the skills and expertise to furnish and install quality hardscaping and landscaping renovations, no matter what the size of your project.

We’ll help you grow your real estate investment while providing beautiful landscape solutions to enhance your outdoor living space. Whatever your outdoor area, we can increase curb appeal and value with customized construction.

We have the skills and expertise to deliver quality hardscaping and renovations, no matter what the size of your project may be. We’ll help you grow your real estate investments while providing turnkey landscape enhancement solutions. Whatever your outdoor area, we can increase curb appeal and
value with custom designs.


Landscape Maintenance

Services Include:

  • Turf Maintenance
  • Weed Management
  • Pest Management
  • Care for Trees, Shrubs, Evergreens, and Ground Cover
  • Plant Bed Maintenance
  • Fertilization
  • Spring & Fall Clean up
  • Tree Management
  • Weekly Property Care (26 visits)
  • Structural and Aesthetic Pruning
  • Account Manager Property Inspections
  • Mulching
  • Irrigation Commissioning and Decommissioning
  • Irrigation Inspection and Adjustment
  • 5 Step Lawn Care Program
  • Bed Weed Management
  • Spring and Fall Flower installation

Your grounds are the first impression you make to your employees, tenants, residents, and your consumers. Beautiful, well-kept landscaping says something about who you are and what your company stands for. That’s why proper grounds care is essential to protecting your landscape investment.

Proscape has over 25 years of landscape management experience, an outstanding quality control program, and a national award-winning team of experts that will improve the appearance of your landscape. Proscape offers a “Complete” landscape management solution in southern New England. “We have invested significantly to bring top-level experts in tree management, irrigation management, lawn care management, and construction services to the market.”

Our expert staff members have trained in the best practices for landscape management. They care for your turf, planting beds, flowerbeds, and plant material to protect your landscape investment and landscape construction services to the Southern New England market.


Contact Us Today!

PO Box 231
East Greenwich, RI 02818
Phone number:
(401) 886-7000

Ronnie’s Professional Services

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Taking care of all your septic system needs! Ronnie’s was founded in 1980 and has been family-run and operated in Rhode Island ever since. Trust the experts that have led the industry for over three generations!

Ronnie’s Professional Services does it all!

Septic Pumping: Pumping your system involves clearing out solid waste to prevent it from overflowing in your draining field. Ronnie’s will pump and wash the tanks and filter completely and provide a thorough evaluation to ensure your system is working properly.

Inspection: If your town requires mandatory septic inspections, Ronnie’s has you covered! Our crew will evaluate the waste levels in your tank to avoid the risk of overflow.

Installation: Thinking about installing a septic system in your home? We design, install and maintain our septic systems in-house to guarantee you only the best product and service.

Repairs: Septic system failures can leave you in a very sticky situation if not repaired right away. Ronnie’s Professional Services can have your system fixed and running smoothly in no time!

If you currently have a functioning system it’s important to keep up with regular preservation efforts. Here are key tips to keep your septic system running smoothly!

  1. Schedule a system pumping every 2-3 years.
  2. Do NOT flush anything besides natural waste and toilet paper.
  3. Conserve water usage in your home to prolong the life of your system.
  4. Know the location of your system and keep the area undisturbed.

Check out to learn more about our services and important information you should know if you’re a septic owner.

For all your septic needs, count on Ronnie’s!

Wise Ways to Manage Your Stimulus Check and Tax Refund

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Stimulus checks are back AND it’s tax season! It’s time to figure out what to do with the extra cash sitting in your bank account. If you’re going back and forth wondering if you should save the money or spend it, Dream Builders Financial Services is here to help! Check out their tips to see which choice is right for you:


  • Pay Off High-Interest-Rate Credit Card Debt – Use your stimulus check or tax refund to pay off credit card debt. The return on your money is equal to the interest rate, plus it’s guaranteed and risk-free.
  • Invest Against Future Expenses and Emergencies – Having cash in a savings account means you don’t have to put another transaction on a credit card for future expenses or emergencies.
  • 401k Contribution – Increase the amount of money you’re contributing to your 401k by investing your check or refund.
  • Help Pay Your 2021 Taxes – Save your stimulus check or tax refund to help pay your taxes for 2021.
  • Save for Retirement – Invest in a traditional or Roth IRA for 2020 (you have until May 17, 2021) or invest for 2021.


  • Support Local Businesses – Buy gift cards to local stores and restaurants.
  • Little Luxuries – Invest in yourself! Spend some money on something you wouldn’t normally treat yourself to.
  • Give Back to Others – Use your money for others; pay for dinner, buy a gift card and slip it in your neighbor’s mailbox, give your server a generous tip, etc.
  • Shopping – Head out for some needed retail therapy. Some retailers offer promotions around tax season, which makes it even more irresistible!
  • Home Repairs – You’ve been spending a lot of time in your house, which means you’ve been able to notice the little projects that need to be done.
  • Fund Your Hobby – Invest in something you’re interested in that will help take you to a new level and do something you are passionate about.

Dream Builders is dedicated to helping everyone unlock their potential and realize their dreams. Their Life-Centered Planning process begins with understanding who you are, what’s important to you, and how they can help give life to your dreams. Let Dream Builders assist you in finding the best way to use your stimulus check and tax refunds.

Dream Builders Financial Services
(401) 241-6693
Life Insurance ~ Annuities ~ Long Term Care Solutions ~ Disability Insurance ~ Retirement Coaching

Traveling Is Uncanceled At Hammetts!

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Hammetts Hotel located in Newport, RI is the perfect destination for your next “stay-cation”! With on-site parking and walking distance to plenty of restaurants and shops, this is one of the best places to stay when visiting Newport.

The rooms at Hammetts are beautifully designed with a modern flare. From ocean-facing sunsets to people watching on the bustling streets, there is no such thing as a room without a view. During the summer the boating dock is open for those who want to check out the boats or even dock their own. The lounge and deck is the perfect place to enjoy a drink once the weather becomes warm again.

If art is your thing, Hammetts has its own art gallery. The Sarah Langley Gallery is a celebration of the artistic energy that flows through Newport! The gallery features a rotation of work that showcases art inspired by Newport and the Northeast Region.

During your visit be sure to check out some of the restaurants in the area. Currently, Giusto’s located in Hammett’s hotel is closed due to Covid-19 and will open when it is safe to do so. A quick walk brings you to Bowen’s Wharf and other Newport favorites including Diego’s, Red Parrot, The Black Pearl, and The Mooring Seafood Kitchen and Bar!

Traveling is uncanceled at Hammetts! Hammetts is offering special discounts to Rhode Island residents or people outside of the state who just want to get away for a few days! Rhode Island residents can enjoy a special locals-only offer, and stay for as little as $69 per night. Interested in booking ahead for the summer season? There is a discount on that as well. Anyone who books a stay at Hammetts 90 days in advance will save up to 20%. Lastly, there is the ocean state deal, anyone who books a stay at Hammetts on a Sunday through Thursday will receive 25% off. Book your “stay-cation” today at!

Spring Home and Garden Tips

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Spring is coming and with it, we can take back our outdoor living spaces. This past year, people have been spending more time at home than ever. With a few simple projects, you can turn your backyard into an extension of your home and a new place for you to escape and relax!

  1. Spruce up your backyard with a fire pit
    1. Adding a fire pit to your backyard creates a fun new, socially distanced, hangout spot.
  2. Add torches for some flare
    1. Torches add beautiful ambient lighting to your deck or yard and keep pesky mosquitos away too.
  3. Find your green thumb
    1. Including plants in your yard’s landscaping adds color and makes your outdoor space look more complete. Plants also provide a natural habit for pollinators and insects.
  4. Don’t forget the mulch
    1. Don’t forget to add mulch to your newly planted beds for a much more polished look. Also, mulch protects soil compaction during rainstorms and slows down water evaporation so you don’t need to water as much.

Looking for more inspiration to turn your yard into your own private oasis? Check out outdoor escapes for all of your outdoor living needs!

Renew Your Insurance Policies for the New Year!

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The new year is upon us, and there is no better time to set goals for 2021! Though you may be focused on tackling new challenges, the new year is a perfect time to evaluate your insurance needs to make sure you are on track for this upcoming year!

As you already know, a lot can change in a year and when you reflect on your last twelve months, you might realize that some of those changes could affect your insurance needs. The Lawrence Agency, located in Lincoln, RI is fully committed to operating with honesty and integrity. They strive to deliver exceptional products and services for individuals, families and businesses throughout the Ocean State. They will help you find the right insurance coverage to keep you safe at all times. Head into the new year with confidence knowing you are properly protected.

Are you Protected on the Road?

It is very easy to renew your auto insurance coverage year after year without giving it much thought, but it is important to look over your current policy and see where you can save money. This is all determined on how much you drive, your current driving record, the type of car you drive, where you live, how old you are and much more.

Evaluate Your Homeowners Insurance

Many homeowners have used the extra time spent at home to make renovations around the house. Whether you finished your basement recently or made updates to your kitchen, this can affect how much your home is currently worth. One of the agents at The Lawrence agency can help you determine if you have enough coverage to protect your home and the valuables inside of it. While you are at it, be sure to update a record of all the personal possessions inside your home (jewelry, art, electronics).

Protect Your Loved Ones

Investing in life insurance is a way of showing you care about your love ones’ future. Maybe you recently got married or had your first child or now you are an empty nester. This all affects your coverage. If you don’t have life insurance yet, this is a crucial element that will financially protect your family. The younger you are when you get life insurance, the less expensive it will be.

It doesn’t have to be a time-consuming hassle to cross off all the items on your insurance resolution list. Scheduling a review with one of the agents at The Lawrence Agency will help take care of all your updates at once so you know you have the best coverage. Give them a call at 401-726-3210 or visit their website to learn more!

Laundry Made Simple at Tumbletown 2

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Rhode Island’s cold chill is back for the winter season. That means it’s time to break out the winter jackets and puffy comforters! After months in the closet, they will need a refresh. Head over to Tumbletown 2 laundromat, located on 1705 Main Street in West Warwick, and get them cleaned up! In fact, you can wash and dry any size comforter for just $10. Want to clean all of the family’s coats in one go? Use one of their 100 LB washing machines, and don’t forget, there is always a free dry with every wash!

Don’t want to leave the house? Want to help out a loved one who may be quarantining at home? Use Tumbletown 2’s wash, dry, and fold service and the laundry will practically do itself! Just simply call (401) 615-1351 to schedule your pickup and they will handle the rest.

Tumbletown 2 exists to make laundry a better experience, not a dreadful chore! Become a regular and do 9 washes to get your 10th wash free! Open seven days a week, you can go in for a wash & free dry from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. or call to schedule your pickup. Tumbledown 2 is the place to be for all your laundry needs!

Tumbletown 2 Laundromat
1705 Main Street, West Warwick RI
(401) 615-1351