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If you ask Steve Filippou, owner of Rhode Island’s Twisted Pizzeria and Restaurant, what makes his business different from the rest, with no hesitation, he says “our team.” Especially over the past couple of months, his dedicated and tireless team is has been the backbone of his business through these unexpected and troubling times. No business is ever prepared enough for a tragedy like COVID-19, but Twisted Pizza has been able to fight through with the help of their dedicated staff.

Twisted Pizzeria and Restaurant is a family-run business with 6 locations throughout the Ocean State. They pride themselves on preparing a memorable dining experience for every customer they serve with their fresh ingredients, large menu, and courteous employees. They serve a variety of items such as pizzas, pastas, salads, sandwiches and seafood dishes. They even have some of the most incredible appetizers, like their buffalo chicken wings and calamari. It is the perfect spot to grab a refreshing beer and tasty dinner for a very reasonable price. But the reason for Twisted Pizzeria and Restaurant’s success over the years has been from one of its greatest assets – the staff.

From the moment you step inside any of their locations, you feel so welcomed and appreciated. The service is unlike the rest, and the employees are happy to be there. This has not changed a bit, even though it has been a crazy couple of months. The staff has been on top of their game in every way possible, arriving early, working long hours and keeping a smile on their face from the beginning to the end of their shift. From the crew in the back making the pizzas, to the employees answering the endless phone calls and delivering the meals, their work ethic has been tremendous.

“I am so thankful for their hard work and for pulling through and not bailing ship during these tough times,” Filippou said.

Not only is Fillipou thankful for his hardworking employees, he is also appreciative of his distributors. Over the past couple of weeks, there have been numerous food shortages and shipping has been delayed, but the distributors have stood by them and made sure they had the products they needed to stay in business and serve their customers.

When the restaurant industry experienced an immense decline and had no option than to go completely contactless, it was difficult to tell how it would affect their business. Steve Fillipou cannot express his gratitude for the amazing customers and their constant support.

“They have stood behind us from the very beginning and their support has meant the world to us,” he said. “From the shout outs on social media to the generous tips, they have been incredible.”

Their support is fully recognized and Twisted Pizza is so grateful for a caring community.

If you would like to order from Twisted Pizzeria and Restaurant, visit or call one of their 6 locations. They are open for business and ready to serve you a delicious meal!


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