The Pawtucket Foundation, a non-profit organization based out of Pawtucket, RI focuses on bettering their community’s future by mobilizing and coordinating research, information, talent and resources to positively impact the city.

They are partnering with Art League RI on a new program called “Windows on Pawtucket.” Creative installations will be replacing the vacant, rundown storefront windows in the inner core of downtown Pawtucket. Their main goal is to turn a negative into a positive by getting more people walking on the sidewalks and made aware of the city’s true beauty, while also promoting the creative, small businesses of the state’s and city’s artistic workforce. The windows project will be the start of reimagining the identity of the Pawtucket neighborhood, bringing a new sense of vibrancy and walkability. A simpler way to look at this is an outdoor, downtown wide open art studio for everyone to enjoy.

This project is being designed and supported by Jan Brodie, the Executive Director at The Pawtucket Foundation as well as an entire Art League committee.

They are seeking proposals for artwork to be installed in 20+ storefront display windows and the plan is to install the art sometime around mid-September. Artwork will be showcased for a minimum of 10 months. Artists are invited to submit artwork for consideration in the windows or artwork may be created for a site-specific installation upon selection by the jurying committee.

If you are interested in submitting your art work or want to learn more about this project, visit Together, we can revitalize downtown Pawtucket through artistic expression!


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