Fall Foot Care

By September 27, 2021health, Inside Rhody

Summer is coming to an end and your feet need extra love heading into the cooler seasons ahead! Follow these care tips to avoid injury and keep your feet in healthy condition.

Try on your Fall shoes.
It’s time to pack up the flip flops and sandals and bring out the seasonal boots and sneakers! Make sure your shoes fit properly and support your foot type to avoid injury and future foot problems.

Take a break from nail polish.
Now that your feet are hidden, take a break from painting your toenails. The constant chemicals from the polish can cause discoloration to the nail and deteriorate the nail bed.

Exfoliate, soak, and moisturize!
Integrate a weekly foot care routine. First, dry exfoliate your feet to prevent cracking in your skin and leave them feeling baby smooth. Next, soak your feet in a warm bath to soothe the stress and soreness of your feet. Finally – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! After the harsh heat of the summer sun and the cooler months approaching, it is crucial to keep your feet moisturized to avoid dryness and pain.

Take precautions when exercising.
Always warm up your feet before jumping into exercising – start off with easy, non-impact movements. Stretching before and after exercising and building your foot and ankle muscles are key to prevent strain and injury.

Rely on the experts at Foot & Ankle Institute for your tips, care, and treatment!
Foot & Ankle Institute offers a wide variety of services that can accommodate all types of foot and ankle issues. If you suffer from foot and/or ankle problems, be sure to get in touch today!

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