Shop in a Festive Fashion

As the temperature continues to fall, and the twinkle lights begin decorating the bare trees, it becomes apparent that the shopping season is on its way. Rhode Island is a travel destination during all seasons, but there is something special about the Ocean State come winter. Maybe it is the appeal of shopping while listening to Christmas music and gazing at beautiful, festive sights.

Shop in the heart of RI

Providence Place Mall is the perfect place to start your Black Friday shopping. With three total floors, it would be a surprise if you didn’t leave the mall with your arms full of purchases! Tired of shopping and need a refresher? The food court of the mall has a variety of restaurant chains to quickly satisfy your hunger. If that isn’t appealing, take a step outside the mall into the beautiful city and browse the various restaurants surrounding it. The Cheesecake Factory is a family favorite, making your shopping experience even sweeter!

Waterfront Shopping

Newport is a hot tourist attraction in the summer, but have you seen it in the winter? Decorated beautifully and festively, take a stroll through the streets of Newport and all the shops that it has to offer. Some of the famous boutiques that are a hit to tourists are at Shops at Long Wharf! Holding some famous brands such as Athleta, Gap, Sephora, Francesca’s, and J.Crew, shop your favorite brands while being surrounded by holiday cheer.

Shop in Wickford

Another tourist attraction is the Historical Wickford Village. The small boutiques hold items that you can’t find online or in a basic mall. The handcrafted items offer a heartfelt sentiment to the receiver, which you can’t find just anywhere! Gold Lady is one of the shops in the Village, offering beautiful pieces of jewelry that you can gift a loved one. Green Ink is just another example of a shop at Wickford that has unique women’s clothing that cannot be found at your average mall. When shopping this season, it is worth it to check out the unique experience of Wickford!

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