Protect Your Pets from the Cold

By February 9, 2022health, Inside Rhody

The winter months are upon us and it’s important to remember to care for your furry friend! As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to watch over your pet and protect them from harsh weather conditions. Here are some ways to keep your pet safe!

Time How Long They Are Outside

Most pets love to play in the snow, so be sure to let them play for a little while. Make sure to limit their exposure to the cold, though. Know when it is time to bring your pet back into the warmth of your home!

Don’t Shave Them

Animals don’t have the luxury to put on layers when they are feeling cold. All they have is their fur! During the winter months, don’t shave your pet, or else they will be cold!

Let Your Pets Inside

Some owners prefer to keep their pets outside all day, not allowing the animal inside of their home. We ask you to reconsider, and let your pet inside during these harsh months. Exposure to the cold is incredibly unhealthy and potentially fatal for an animal.

Wipe Down Their Paws

After a playful time outside, make sure you wipe down your pet’s paws, or else they will be slipping and sliding all around the house!

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